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RolStoppable said:
Rock_on_2008 said:
noname2200 said:
Rock_on_2008 said:

I created this thread to see what is the best dollar for dollar value for each console. What is the best way to see it - hypothetically price them at the same price.

Um...sorry, you lost me here. Isn't that one of the worst ways to measure per-dollar value...?


So how would you do it then? Please suggest another way of comparing all three consoles.

The frontpage of VGC.

Sales numbers only mean something when you have no games to talk about. PS3 has the best games, PS3 has the best graphics, PS3 has free online, PS3 has the best future of games, PS3 has Blu-Ray. I would even take a bullet for Sony. PS3 is my life.