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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS4 Won March NPD (PS4: 354K, NSW: 308K, XBO: 299K)

The relative sales volumes of game hardware was:

PS4: 1.15 Switch: 1 XBox One: 0.97 3DS: 0.43


PS4: -9% Switch: -66% XBox One: +24% 3DS: +19%

On the software side (digital not included):

By SKU, the top selling title was Far Cry 5 for PS4, followed by the same title for Xbox One. Kirby Star Allies (Nintendo) for the Switch took third place. By games, the top two titles in the month were Ubisoft's Far Cry 5 and Sony's (SNE) MLB: The Show, but combined, the two generated less revenue than last year's Zelda.

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If true, my assumption that the Smash Bros. announcement wouldn't push the Switch over the PS4 was correct. However, the distance between the two also wasn't 80k+, as I also predicted.

remember when the switch was going to win every month unless PS4 had a big exclusive game release. i do.  four wins in the last five months now for PS4

Dat cliff.

celador said:
remember when the switch was going to win every month unless PS4 had a big exclusive game release. i do

Well, that's a meaningless statement since different people predicted different things. Though I guess in fairness I didn't mention who I was referring to in my post, since I'm not sure whether or not that's allowed.

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Well Kirby didn't put Switch in the lead, not that I was expecting it to, April should be an even larger win for PS4.

Why is the 3ds up YoY?

Well, PS4 may win from time to time... but I'm impressed all 3 were close 1,15 -1 - 0,97 and X1 up YOY is great news.

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Looks like March was a decent month for everyone. Which means that the likelihood for this thread to explode is rather high.