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Whiners, bitches and drama queens. Go away.

Anyone can guess. It takes no effort to throw out lots of predictions and have some of them be correct. You are not and wiser or better for having your guesses be right. Even a blind man can hit the bullseye.

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PS3 overtracked by 1.1 ! Damn.

360 lead over PS3 : 5.8 Million

360 lead in Others over PS3 : 220 K

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So does this mean that the Wii sin't doomed this week?? how odd

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ioi said:
Adjustments were for Scandinavia and other Europe, going back over 3-4 years. Data is very hard to track accurately in those regions and these latest Nintendo graphs show how much we were overstating figures in those regions... across the board

What "latest Nintendo graphs" is he reffering to? The ones that came out three months ago, or are there new graphs from Nintendo's Jan 28 release?


Edit: never mind, question answered on page 3

Crazy! I just noticed the percents myself. But this stuff happens every year around this time, holidays are crazy for everyone from the companies to the retailers, they can't keep up with their own numbers that well during that season, much less a free sales tracking site or even one you pay four thousand a month to get data for one region

Seriously people, hit the first page ioi stated where the issues came from and why it was a big issue.

The reason why people are telling the people that are bitching and whining to leave is because they obviously have no clue how statistics work, unless you do a census, there's no way to get 100% accurate data, even then they have the right to refuse to provide data. If for some reason the sales don't fit your agenda, you don't care to understand why, and you want to bash all the work this site does for a free service, then yes please leave.

If you want accurate data then you have to keep an open mind there are many things that go wrong with just getting sample sizes, much less the innate nature of statistics where you have margins of error which can be amplified if there is an issue like Scandinavia data.

Please if you're gonna bitch at least take a stats class

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So I guess its time for people to adjust their predictions. Another 500k difference means about 10 weeks at the present ratio for people, mid 2011 becomes late 2011 for instance, its another two and a half months.

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I remember when ppl were saying Wii would be at 60% market share by now!

Wow did that ever end up being wrong.

perpride said:
I remember when ppl were saying Wii would be at 60% market share by now!

Wow did that ever end up being wrong.

Still others predicted itwould never reach 50%. We'll see.

To address the stupidest concerns of this thread:

- Sony hasn't released its data through December yet. It is coming February 4.

- The figures provided for Europe from Nintendo are not "internal Nintendo estimates" they are combined figures from trackers in the major markets. When the charts say the source is Nintendo, the data includes supplementary sellthrough figures from Nintendo in addition to sellthrough data from the trackers in the major European markets.

- Nintendo provides regional ltd shipment figures every three months, while Microsoft/Sony do not. But Nintendo also provides sellthrough data in its presentations, which is why adjustments tend to follow Nintendo's reports.

- The systems are not all available in the same regions of the world, and even when they are they perform at different levels. PSP is modestly successful in numerous nations on mainland Asia...but that also means there has to be inventory in more countries than for it than for the DS.

- Microsoft's shipments are 38.7m ltd. Something like 55%-60% of that total is the Americas (sellthrough is at least 21m in the USA+Canada alone) , and ~3% of the total is Japan. The UK+France+Australia is another big chunk of the X360 total.


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It's not so much the PS3 number that confuses me as it is the PSP number. Sony has said PSP is at 60.3 million. Do you seriously expect me to think that there are 7 million PSPs on shelves? Even if Sony stuffed the channel to ridiculous levels I can't see how that's even logistically possible to have that many out there. And don't say that it's the Go, a lot of retailers refused to even carry it and if there hasn't been a second shipment yet most of them have probably already sold. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing even more big adjustments after Sony's report comes in. I'm not saying that gfk, Chart track, or any of the other trackers are providing misleading information but their methods aren't infallible.

edit: @thesource Ah, I was under the impression Sony had leaked some of their numbers. Leo-j mentioned them earlier in the thread.

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