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1. Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360)
2. Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360)
3. Alan Wake (Xbox 360)
4. Dante's Inferno (Xbox 360)
5. Lost Planet 2 (Xbox 360)

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1.) Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)
2.) Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver (DS)
3.) Metroid: Other M (Wii)
4.) Endless Ocean: Blue World (Wii)
5.) Golden Sun DS (DS)

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1. Zelda Wii
2. Metroid: Other M (Wii)
3. Singularity (PS3)
4. Bioshock 2 (PS3)
5. Metal Gear Solid: Rising (PS3)

1) Zelda Wii
2) God of war III
3) Metroid other M
4) Red steel 2
5) Super mario galaxy

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1 God of War III(PS3)
2 Heavy Rain(PS3)
3 Diablo 3(PC)
4 Agent(PS3)
5 Star Wars: The Old Republic(PC)

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Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
Heavy Rain (PS3)
Final Fantasy Vs. XIII (PS3)
Bioshock 2 (PS3)
Diablo 3 (PC)

1-God of War III(ps3)
2-final fantasy XIII(ps3)
3-Pokemon ss(ds)
4-heavy rain(ps3)
5-The last Guardian(ps3)

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1. Bioshock 2 (PS3)
2. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
3. The Last Guardian
4. Dead Space 2 (PS3)
5. God of War 3

4.Prince of Persia:The forgotten sands (360)
5.Metroid:Other M

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  1. ALAN WAKE(360)
  2. HALO:REACH(360)
  3. GOW3(PS3)
  5. BIOSHOCK2(360)