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 Internet nerds argued so hard on the AVS Forum, the site's owners were forced to shut down the thread about Blu-Ray Vs. HD-DVD.

"We have seen members attacking other members not only in debate, which is the right way, but with physical threats that have involved police and possible legal action. This type of behavior is just not welcome here PERIOD," the site's administrators posted.

Dear The Internet: We know you're passionate about your format of choice, and the passion itself is a good thing, but if you're seriously threatening violence or trading insults over which high definition format is better, you need to re-think your priorities.

Like, go outside and ride your bike once in a while, or talk to a girl, maybe.

Anything, seriously.


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(not that I don't believe you, just wanna see the fight)

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dtewi said:

(not that I don't believe you, just wanna see the fight)


Edit: Sorry I don't have the link of the FORUM figh. I will check it..

oh man oh so sad. I am pretty sure these ppl are like 12 right? no mature adult would result to to that, right? =/


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I wouldn't take it...

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Geez...I wonder what these guys will do if I say something about their mamas.

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NightStalker said:
oh man oh so sad. I am pretty sure these ppl are like 12 right? no mature adult would result to to that, right? =/

Ever went on that forum?

The most of the people on that forum have a big knowledge about the industry that it is almost 
impossible that they are 12 to know all of it.

I think it were adults.

I just checked the forum but I can't find the thread where there was the fight =/.


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