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Everyone always talks about the best games around - but what do you reckon is the worst Xbox game of all time?

I can't actually think of one off the top of my head - I prefer to rent, return and forget

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command and conquer 3 and The orange box(except portal)



Fuzion Frenzy.

Vampire Rain by a mile and since it got ported its also the worst PS3 game.



Retail- Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Edit: Granted those are the averages, my personal worst was History Channel: Battle for the Pacific.  Since kind-of fun on the history side of things but on the hardest difficulty, I only died once from what I can remember.

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Any Leisure Suit Larry game is a flop. I think Perfect Dark on the 360 was a horrible game.


What's your favorite game?

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Worst 360 game? Either Bomberman Zero or Lost: Via Domus.

from 360 idk
but from original xbox I'll say Azurik
lol to that blue character

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Vampire Rain. First of all, what kind of stealth game is linear?