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Valve's PSN Comments Disgusting ; Steam PS3 Campaign Opens


Only a few days after http://neocrisis.com/articles/8-gaming/3826-before-you-defend-them-gearbox-is-right-about-valve%E2%80%9D">Gearbox's Randy Pitchford made comments about how Valve's stubbornness about PS3 development is only an excuse, it seems like Valve's answer to my question of whether they would prove either Randy or HipHopGamer right seems to sadly be the former answer.

CVG recently conducted an interview with Left 4 Dead project lead Chet Faliszek, and http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=226831%E2%80%9D">he made a comment that no one should ever make in the game industry about ANY community of gamers. This was aimed at the PS3 gamers, insulting them yet again by saying, "In hooking up with your friends and the community aspects, I think the Xbox 360 is head and shoulders above the PS3. The 360 and PC are on par, right?", and that Left 4 Dead 2 will be exclusive for that reason alone.

Never mind the fact that the community in Uncharted 2 seems to disprove Chet right “cheir”, but it's also an amusing claim when you look at what the 360 community is made up of sometimes, and why Chet couldn't be any further from the truth, and should be fired for the comments. And this comes just when a Steam Community member just posted a petition in the hopes that Valve considers PS3 development.

For starters, many XBL users have experience homophobic comments that are so bad that you would think Fred Phelps' family were playing the games. Not to mention that we have constant insults beyond the homophobia, and those that you never hear the whining from them end when they lose a match on one of the few exclusive first party games the 360 actually has. Seriously, when the only games you have to play have the names Halo or Gears of War on them, you would have a “community” on there, would you? Let's not get into some of the idiots on Steam, because apparently, to those people, you need to despise everything about the Playstation 3 to be accepted. Are all of the XBL and Steam members like this? Of course not. In fact, I'll later introduce you to someone who I am good friends with that is a hardcore member of Steam that loves the PS3.

Chet's comments come at a time when the PS3 is gaining on the 360 in its install base. I mentioned Uncharted 2, and there is a reason for that: so many people are playing the multiplayer, having a good time...AND USING THE BLUETOOTH HEADSETS to talk to each other on there. But what about Killzone 2's community, or LittleBigPlanet's?

Or, if you want to go THERE, Playstation Home. There is currently no headset support for Home, but if you go there, you will find out that the word “being alone” doesn't apply there. Several people do use Home, and with Game Launching now a mandatory feature in all PS3 games (FINALLY), there is nothing stopping Home from being the “community” Chet would want to see.

But there is something utterly wrong beyond that that Chet doesn't say (or that CVG, the jokers that let this idiot say these things without any consequence, posted in the article from an interview that they say they will post the rest of later on). It's that he says this in such a way that, even if it were somehow true, that there would be no way to change that opinion. He's not saying “maybe if the PSN community had a more tightly knit group, we would consider it.” No, this is a concrete, “this is what I'm passing off as an unchangeable fact” type of thing. And he doesn't even give any reasons except: "Right now for Left 4 Dead 2 we're looking at PC and 360 because the community aspects really fit the game - it's all about playing with your friends."

Chet, let me tell you something: I got a PS3 first, nearly two years ago, because at the time, the games I wanted to play were on the PS3. I have yet to regret it, and it now has even MORE of the games that I want to play. It was 500 dollars well spent. This is before I learned about Microsoft's dirty tactics to get the GTA4 DLC exclusive. This was before Final Fantasy 13 became multiplatform. I had heard all about XBL's immature brats over there, and by that, I mean the select few that ruin it for the rest of them. However, if you think for one fucking minute that the PSN community isn't friendly, then let me tell you something, you sorry little prick, it is not.

They are gamers, and they know how to be friendly. What you did, sir, was tell everyone that you cannot be a PS3 gamer and be friendly at the same time. You've generalized every single PS3 gamer. The former President Bush would've loved to have a piece of shit like you, because I'm sure you would be the type of asshole that would look at a Muslim and immediately think “terrorist”, or look at a gay person and immediately think that he would have some contagious disease. Perhaps they do, and perhaps it would suit you well to catch it. The disease they do have, is called intelligence and compassion.

Chet, I want to let you in on something else. I have a friend who loves the games that you and your company have released. She has loved Left 4 Dead, and played it online religiously. She is a full on Steam member, and loves playing first-person shooters on the PC because she is more comfortable controlling them on the keyboard than she is with a controller. With that being said, however, she is also a PS3 player, and right now, does not like the business practices that Microsoft has done. She plays games like Metal Gear Solid 4, and because she is an avid basketball fan, has played NBA 2K9, and is all about wanting the 2K10 version, both on the Playstation 3.

She has also expressed her desire to see Valve games on the Playstation 3. Me and her, as friends, get along extremely well, and despite her thinking that she's not the social type, I've had numerous conversations with her over instant messaging that would last throughout the night (everyone, minds out of the gutter now). I met her on Final Fantasy XI, and I've been talking to her for the past two or three years. Although she doesn't believe she is, she is a friendly individual, and one of the many that the PSN has that, if given the opportunity that your company has yet to give (one of the many reasons why Chet's comments are unfounded), you would see for yourself.

Your comments, by themselves, Chet. are uncalled for, and for that alone, you should be fired. Immediately. Your comments should not be allowed in the gaming industry, towards ANY group. Yes, I do say things about the XBL idiots, but this is because they ruin the game for the legit users, and ruin the service for many people (this is beyond the 50 buck a year Gold service which you have also failed to see as a reason why you see the 360 as a community: they want to justify paying for something that they shouldn't be to begin with. See my article http://neocrisis.com/articles/8-gaming/3813-360-fanboys-let-microsoft-get-away-with-too-much%E2%80%9D">360 Fanboys Let Microsoft Get Away With Too Much). You have generalized everyone on PSN as unfriendly and without compassion, and no one should be allowed to do this. But that's how Valve is anymore, right? Making flame wars because it benefits your company? Is this what Valve has become: just a bunch of sad, overrated, shitty developers with blind sheep that will be mouthpieces for you until the end of fucking time? Is this what the Valve legacy has become?

However, Chet and Valve, I'm going to make this somewhat simple for you. Starting today, I have begun a Steam community called "Valve fans for PS3". I had thought about doing this as an undercover investigation under the guise of "foggysmoker13" (which is why you see the text you do now in the page I'm about to give you. I will be changing this shortly). However, upon further judgment, I have decided that it would be good to just let you Neo visitors in on the operation. That way, you know that the person making it (me) is to be trusted. Join on, then get this thing exposed. You can find it http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fansforps3%E2%80%9D">by clicking here It's called “Valve Fans For PS3”, or just “Fans For PS3”.

But do you see where this hatred is coming from, Valve and Valve sheep? My friend isn't a sheep, and does not agree with Valve's assessment of the PS3. Randy Pitchford of Gearbox (which I have tried to contact for their assessment of this latest comment) was right: you asses at Valve just want to make excuse after excuse after fucking excuse as to why you won't support the PS3. If one excuse gets blown to bits, you just go to the next one, no matter how utterly retarded that excuse is.

Just admit it: Microsoft has you by the goddamned balls and you like them touching you there. They got you hooked on their money more than they have Hiroshi Wada hooked on it. Either that or your greedy, self-absorbed, fat, lazy fucks that don't want to take the time to serve gamers because you would rather piss off a large collection of gamers anyway you can because you got some unfounded grudge with them. Or maybe Gabe Newell still has his former Microsoft job. Take your pick, mix and match, or choose all three. They are all viable.

Though I don't know why I'm surprised this continues, even to this day.



WOW overreaction to the max, WHy do they care so much? They should just BUY the platforms valve makes games for

Seriously.....many devs say this to Wii as well, Valve does it to PS3, time to accept & move on!

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well, someone needs to relax.

I play all valve games on my PC as i feel that is the way that they were intended to be played. I love playing TF2 on my PC and actually wouldn't want to play it any other way. It would be nice if they would support the PS3, but that is their decision not to. Maybe if the weren't kind of smug about it or just say hey we don't want to learn how to program for the PS3 people wouldn't hate them so much.

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Seraphic_Sixaxis said:
well, someone needs to relax.

I second that notion.

That's just hilarious. I can see the guy screaming and yelling and hitting his computer while writing this. Add in some mad laughter as well.

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Why the fuck does every game have to be multiplat these days?

Big wall of ranting PS3 fanboy blog.

He gave a freakin opinion, one that based on Xbox Live features compared to PSN features is actually a fact.

This blog author needs to grow up. He didn't say that the PSN has no community, he just said the 360 is better equipped to build a thriving community with given it's extra features.

Valve gets what Valve wants.

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Why the fuck does most fans bitch and cry about everything these days?

agardini51 said:
I play all valve games on my PC as i feel that is the way that they were intended to be played. I love playing TF2 on my PC and actually wouldn't want to play it any other way. It would be nice if they would support the PS3, but that is their decision not to. Maybe if the weren't kind of smug about it or just say hey we don't want to learn how to program for the PS3 people wouldn't hate them so much.

Couldn't have said it better myself.