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Come on, all say it with me

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ioi deserved to lose.

I win!

*Runs before ban hammer hits me*


Kimi deserved to lose!

kimi deserved to lose :D

(Who is kimi?)


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dear god, everybody better do it, I think he has a gun!

uh...um...kim....kimi deserved...to lose....

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Kimi deserved to die!!!!! And lose!!!

(if you dont post you will be banned!!!! I think..)


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Any of the 9000 members who don't post will be banned.

Mark my words, I'm not messing around here boys and girls (that means mods as well)

ioi is in for one hell of a hangover...

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Oh god.

kimi deserved to lose
no idea wat that means but wateva

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There are 9000 members?

And Kimi deserved to WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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