OK guys, real help needed. What PS3 exclusives?

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As you all know I'm getting my own PS3 Slim in about 11 weeks. Probably with Uncharted and MGS4. In January sales I'm looking to purchase some more exclusives I should try. What reccomendations and please say a mini review. I'd like to say here that I like and love all genres. ALL.

I already plan to buy KZ2. Also please think of older games first, so I can catch up my trophies. Thanks.

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Why make this thread now if you're getting it in 11 weeks?

LittleBigPlanet (great online community, lots of content, fun with friends)



11 weeks. Thats a while but anyway Demon's Sous is so far excellent.

Uncharted/2, also I personally enjoyed Resistance Fall of Man quite a bit more than Killzone 2, there are some fun guns in that game.

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I second MontanaHatchet's option. That is currently one of the most entertaining experiences available ANYWHERE,  not just on the PS3.  

other than that, I would recommend PSN titles such as the Pixel Junk games and maybe Fat Princess. 

Check us out at the Vindication Gamer Network on Youtube. 

AE101 said:
Why make this thread now if you're getting it in 11 weeks?

Because I may be able to swindle a dew games as Xmas presents. ;)

I actually am about 500 feet from my PS3 slim, but am not allowed to undo the wrapping. LOL. Torture.

i'm too lazy to write my reasons so maybe someone else can edit my post. can i assume psn is open game?

disc based
ratchet and clank
uncharted 1/2
heavenly sword - but probably just rent.

download only
pixel junk eden
fat princess
ratchet and clank
(avoid rag doll kung-fu)

Do get:

Motorstorm Pacific Rift
Uncharted 1+2
Ratchet and Clank 1+2
Heavenly Sword
Valkyria Chronicles
SuperStardust HD (PSN)

Do not get:

Resistance 2
Fat Princess

But don't listen to me