Why cant the Xbox 360 have a browser on it?

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now before i ask, i am a big fan of the 360 and probably love it more than the next man, so dont think its a dissatisfaction. But i ask this, why wont MS put a browser there. Is the reason virus related or anything like that. thats all i can think of. Why do u think they havent? Wii has one so y not? Ur thoughts plz

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you want another Internet Explorer ?

i dunno about other people but i'd rather use a computer..

Because console browsers SUCK



Do you really want to massively increase your 360's chance of getting viruses and such?

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RJ@Melb said:
i dunno about other people but i'd rather use a computer..

Well you can get a browswe in your living room, or if you share a computer, well obviously you can just use the one on your console when the computer is taken.

I would imagine it is down to control. MS clearly want Live and the 360 online experience to be completely closed off and controlled (not saying that's good or bad BTW). An Internet Browser would open it up.

Mind you, given the PS3 has one and is a lot more secure than 360 I'm not sure what difference it would make apart from giving 360 owners more direct access to content rather than via controlled apps.

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I would say that Microsoft chose to limit access to its systems and that meant that the 360 never got a browser. I personally do not think it is important and one day if somebody figures a way to infect a browser packing console at least it will be unaffected. Microsoft are of course introducing internet integration but in a very controlled way.

I have used the browser on the PS3 and it does the job. I think most would agree they would use a PC over the built in browser but not everyone has the luxury. This is obviously a selling point for the PS3. At some point it will no doubt be comprimised in some small way. That said I think the risks are relatively small and as they patch the systems regularly hopefully they would keep the bulk of the userbase out of the loop.

Viruses are interesting in so much as only a couple of years ago the Email was the spreader of choice I just analysed 3 months worth company email and for the first time ever we did not receive an email virus for the entire 3 month period (this was a Branch office but still the first time). This does however highlight the migration to the web which now means this is the new battle ground. Currently all popular browsers are bing caught out regularly so it is some small concern. I do not know the PS3 security architecture but I would imagine it has a relatively low exposure compared to a PC or Mac.

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yo_john117 said:

Do you really want to massively increase your 360's chance of getting viruses and such?

as jhon states above.^

it would almost be suicide for microsoft to include a browser on 360, hackers will target it big time. and would be to much headache for 360 owners.

a browser is something they could implement tomorrow, all they need is a chopped down version of ie for the 360 system, but because of hacking and visuses it would be no point.

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So they can announce deals with Facebook and Last FM as if they are the greatest thing ever despite the fact they can be accessed on other console browsers.