PS3 racked up a hilarious 2,052 sales in Japan last week

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Hyruken said:
If it was supply drying up that would assume demand was higher then actual stock. Which would mean that those 2000 sold this week would of been sold last week due to having no new deliveries of the old console. Thus meaning if that was true we would of seen next to no PS3's sold this week not 2000.

Just a case of people holding off for the new one.

That's not always the case - your first point.  It's pretty obvious that:


1 - normal demand for current PS3 hasn't changed as such , however supply has been removed with retailers reporting no stock to sell

2 - normal demand for new PS3 isn't known yet, but it's pretty obvious that the normal demand for current PS3 will transfer to the new model, hence those waiting for slim won't have bought this week


The result is a drop in sales due to both of the above - plus a natural drop after recent sales boost as noted by Source.

I agree that in principle you'd figure that sales would be 0 this week but in reality in retail that almost never happens.  Basically there were a few hardy souls who went out and bought a PS3 even though if they waited a week they'd get essentially the same thing but smaller and with less power consumption.  And due to the deliberate drying up of the existing PS3 stock available PS3s were thin on the ground.

I think some were expecting a small boost due to the price reduction for the existing PS3 - but that would only have happened if there was more supply around and a bigger gap before slim.  Really IMO all the price drop did was get them those 2000 plus sales vs even less of the current model.





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The real thing to see is that many people started saying "OMG PS3, PSP GO, PS3 SLIM, PS3 SOFTWARE ALL UP ON AMAZON" and then we have this. Sure, people is waiting for Slim, but those who tought all was up were saying a lot of crap things.

So, yes, supply costrains and people waiting for Slim, but these numbers are a bit hilarious, even knowing it'll not last so much.

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Sardauk said:


According to Gamesindustry.biz, it comes from Media-Create. A japanese company (http://www.m-create.com/ranking/).

Right. It's MediaCreate. Thanks.

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dorbin2009 said:
Not to piss in anyones wheaties, but the console wasn't exactly flying off the shelves before the slim was announced. The Japanese consumer has really attached themselves to Nintendo and the DSI.

PSP is also selling good there. its outselling the wii

Omg! Hilarious!

Im bookmarking this thread for when something else happens in a few weeks time...

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lol, the 2k is cause of the stock drying up and people are waiting for the slim...hopefully

if this is not the case, then may god help the ps3 in japan

I find it pretty hilarious also. I can't believe the 360 actually outsold the PS3 (not by much). September's sales aren't going to be nearly as funny.

This great news for Sony. Looks like they were able to drain the channel in Japan of the much more expensive PS3 fat without a price cut. Most of August's sales are deferred because of the Slim, and the inability to find a PS3.

Thanks for the input, Jeff.



LilNjGanGsta said:

lol, the 2k is cause of the stock drying up and people are waiting for the slim...hopefully

if this is not the case, then may god help the ps3 in japan

yeah i think they are waiting for the slim

cuz if their not...

well that sucks cuz i love sony

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Haha lol maybe they will get a boost with the slim or not.




Lol this week coming up will probably see PS3 at 250 sold haha