What current gen system do you own?

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I own the PS3 and the PSP. I mostly play the PS3.


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xbox 360



I own Xbox 360, Wii and DSi.

I play most on my Wii, as of late.

PSP, PS3 and X360. I will play currently PS3 more because I purchased it just month ago. I will buy Wii when its price hits something like 149€ (I have to wait many years, I know....)

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Own all of them consoles and handhelds (barring DSi)

Most played console PS3 but mostly for my PS2 games :) I have a huge backlog
Most played handheld ... depends ... I would say mostly PSP. DS I only start playing when I am traveling or if there is a game I must play immediately e.g. Suikoden tierkries.


ps3 only owner. I have access to an x360.

mostly play ps3/pc.

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PS3 and PC. I play PC the most at the moment but as it's not in the OP... then I guess I play PS3 the most...

DSWiiPS360 owner

most played is Wii - 360 - DS - PS3 in that order.

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xbox360, wii, ps3, ds, psp. i split my time and money with the systems pretty evenly.