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My rabbit just peed over all my lap and on the couch while I was playing a tense session of Halo 3 on Live, thus making me die and having our entire team lose by just one territory captured.




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You are such a sony fanboy!!!!! The ps3 is already too far gone.

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If I would have said "ps3 montage" it would have flopped. Its simple.



I thought you were gonna post a big pic of the Cell.

Yeah, some of those games look cool, but is not all about the games... I mean, look at the Dreamcaste and the Gamecube.

Like the system? I kid, I kid...

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IMO, there is still a strong chance for Sony to win. They are starting to clean up there act and listen to the gamers finally. That and the fact that HD-DVD is starting to gain some ground, they need to get more blu-ray players into homes at all costs.

The dream cast didnt have barely any good games...

The GC did, but didnt even play dvd's or anything. And the games werent THAT good either.



Why Wii pwn:





^^^^All made by yours truly^^^^


Ya know, I hate that arguement. "Game cube/Wii can't play DVD's" Oh my... They are video game systems... for games. I don't ask my VCR to play Halo.

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BenKenobi88 said:
Yeah, that really doesn't explain at all how the PS3 could still win...but it's a nice montage...good music, what is that music?



... at least thats what the credits say... very nice indeed