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People already have this D:

Ugh...looks so awesome X_X

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Day 1

hey it's not august 1st in Japan yet.....bastards

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That actually looks great


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Looking at the video being played it looks as if the map is different to when i have seen MH3 before. Is there more than 1 map/ large area in the game?

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Yeah, there's this place, a Colosseum area, some snow place, a volcano, and there's a bunch of other places too...

@ soriku thanks.

have you played monster hunter series before, after watching the videos it looks very interesting.

How many hours do you have to throw in to the game?

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Haven't played the series myself (MH3 will be my first) but people've said the games can last 100s of hours.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite turned me really off.

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