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Pretty cool. It'd be nice to see this kinf of efforts more on the system.


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Is it a random compilation like the previous trailers, ala the opening to Tales games, or is this some sort of opening to the game story wise?

I'm afraid to spoil myself before I play the game!


It's different but it's not like MH has a story. All it shows is a bunch of monsters owning each other.

Anyway, awesome OP. As much as I love the graphics, I also love the animation equally.

okay there is no F-ing way that the monster hunter world has a peaceful ecosystem

That was beautiful. I can't wait for this game to come out.

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pure awesomeness!

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Dear lord! This looks awesome!!

I Have an extreme tolerance to voice-work in video games. I didn't mind Vanille in FFXIII...

Good vid, this will huge in Japan.




Found it kind of boring. Good thing the game itself looks anything but boring :)

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Damn! This looks great. ALA Jurassic Park! Amazing. I really hope the game delivers.