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http://www.smarthouse.com.au/iPods_And_Portable_Players/Industry/G7M3G3G2 In a frank TV interview which has not been put to air yet Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer has said that he would not bet bet up against Apple boss Steve Jobs. He has also talked about how Sony missed out on the portable music boom. Sir Howard Stringer, chairman/CEO of Sony, and Brad Anderson, vice chairman and CEO of Best Buy one of the largest CE retailers in the world, were given the opportunity last week to talk on the US TV program CEO Exchange about the consumer electronic industry and their respective Companies. And when asked about the popularity of Nintendo's Wii vs. PS3 , Stringer said, "Wii is a wonderful device, but has a different target audience. If we fail, it is because we positioned PS3 as the Mercedes of the video game field. PS3 is after a different audience and it can be whatever it wants — a home server, game device, even a computer." Brad Anderson, whose low-key demeanor is well-known, was described in a video report during the program as the "most unlikely of CEOs," and his background illustrated that description. He related the story about how he became a manager at Sound of Music, the precursor of Best Buy. By his own admission Anderson wasn't the greatest floor salesman. He was so discouraged at one point that he tried to quit but his boss stopped him. Founder Dick Schulze came to the store and asked to speak to Anderson in the parking lot and the current vice chairman of Best Buy told the audience, "I thought he was going to fire me! I thought he took me outside so I wouldn't cry in front of everyone." Instead Schulze asked him who should be the new manager of the store. In an answer that Anderson remarked was "completely out of character," he said, "Me." Schulze agreed. With a background on the front line as a sales associate, you could see that the consumer centricity program that allows store personnel to be involved in the decision-making process was not a big leap in faith for someone like Anderson vs. other CEOs. When asking about Anderson's frequent visits to Best Buy stores, Greenfield cracked that much of this CEO's time is devoted to being "either a coach, mentor or bully" to many store employees every month. "You have to understand that everyone has a gift. If you are a leader, you have to find out what the gifts of members of your team are." And he added, "What motivates people is different with everyone. To some it may seem like bullying, but to others it might seem like mentoring or coaching. You try to see what works for each person." More on the site...

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Maybe he isn´t sure if the PS3 can beat Wii? At least Sony knows were their problems are: The high price and maybe the lack of games at the moment. It´s good to know there are still some people at Sony who use their brain to think...and not their feed.

Sir Howard Stringer (from my understanding) is a very intellinget man, which is one of the reasons he is the only western CEO Sony has ever had. I'm willing to bet that he wasn't really happy with how the PS3 was going to be marketed but he was informed too late to do anything about it ...

Mr. Kutaragi was notorious within the company for his reluctance to communicate with his bosses or other units. In 2005, Mr. Kutaragi hosted an event at a big electronics conference in Las Vegas to celebrate the U.S. launch of the PlayStation Portable handheld game machine -- one of the company's biggest products that year. He didn't invite executives from Sony's electronics division, which provided the parts.
In developing the PlayStation 3 console, the device's latest iteration, Mr. Kutaragi went over budget on development costs without informing Mr. Stringer, according to a person familiar with the situation. When Mr. Stringer urged Mr. Kutaragi to have dinner with the heads of the electronics division, he did so just once a year, this person said. A spokeswoman for Mr. Kutaragi declined to comment.
In September, Mr. Kutaragi announced Sony was halving shipments of the new PlayStation to the U.S. and Japan and was pushing back its European launch. At a news conference, Mr. Kutaragi blamed Sony's electronics group for failing to produce enough of a critical component, exposing his tense relationship with the division.
I don't care how legendary or historically successful a manager might be - if they are unable or unwilling to adapt to the culture, the vision you, as leader, have clearly communicated, they have to go. But not two years later, after the corrosive effect of doing things "their way" has already sunk in. Having a senior manager blame other groups for his group's woes? Raising concerns of investors, suppliers and customers alike? Unacceptable everywhere and at any time in any culture.

yikes Kutaragi...tsk tsk.

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I think he is saying "the wii is wonderful" as in its fun to play and stuff. Their is no harm in saying that the other company has some cool stuff. You should read the OXM once in a while, they talk alot about Nintendo and how much fun it is to play

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this goes back to the Wii is a impulse buy. He is saying the Wii is for non-gamers. The PS3 is for gamers. (still)

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I am surprised that a CEO would say such positive statements about a competitors product. This was a really stupid thing for him to say, and his company won't be pleased.

I get the impression Sony upper magagement must have been totally out-of-the-loop during PS3 development - no way they would have allowed things to get so out of control - and are genuinely surprised how far their gaming division missed the mark.

dallas said: I am surprised that a CEO would say such positive statements about a competitors product. This was a really stupid thing for him to say, and his company won't be pleased.
My understanding is playing games makes you a gamer, but playing games on a Wii doesn't count.

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He should be fired for saying something so stupid. BTW, I am now 100% anti-sony. he is clearly saying the PS3 would fail because it's not marketed like the wii and has the same power and price. If he doesn't believe in his system why should I buy it? 360 here I come.