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I don't think unless Everton can change their performaces will get the CPL spot this year. Heck Liverpool might be struggling to get the UEFA cup spots!

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Everton have been very poor this year. I really thought they would be challening for a top 4 spot. However, the same thing happend last year and they ended up finishing 7th so who knows.

Everton are going through their worst spell in there history. Moyes has been the longest serving manager to not win a trophy.


You can't blame Moyes. It's not his fault the top 4 dominate the league in recent years.

Im not blaming him. Its just a fact that Everton haven't won a trophy since he took to the helm.

I just personally have been disapointed with them this season, many teams such as Liverpool have been on an awful run and they haven't capitalised.

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nice, I am posting to come back later, I love football!

Keane 1-0 good......keep it up lads...

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Huddlestone just got hit in the nuts. :P

Man City 0 - 2 Burnley


I'm not really here!

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kowenicki said:
Man City 0 - 2 Burnley


Is it home or away? For Burnley I mean

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