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I got Doc Louis.

Pixel Art can be fun.

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Man we have to wait until November why?

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I got the hat, woot!


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Seriously, though, does anyone expect Gold member's prize to be anything other than a calendar? That's what Gold status members of Club Nintendo Japan get every year, isn't it?

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Yay a lame calender,but a few years ago for a costume we made a hat and it looks more authentic than that one. We even created Mario's sideburns exactly and his hair exactly.
Now I just need to dig in that mess of a storage closet to find it.

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I got a hat. :D
Funny, the only reason I signed up for Club Nintendo was in hope I could save up for a Mario hat.
Now I'm getting one for free! :D


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Eh, was hoping for a controller or something, but I'm not going to complain about free stuff.

I've always wanted a Mario hat, so I got that. I can't imagine what basically amounts to (tiny) Punch-Out!! DLC would be used too much.

Awsome! im glad i got platinum!


yet they haven't changed the stuff you can get with those coins at all. it's still the same crap. are they ever gonna offer up something different?

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.....this blows. A calendar isnt even good enough to make me log on.