NoE aiming for the biggest Wii launch yet with WSR.

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July 3, 2009 by The News Team Filed Under: Wii, Nintendo in general

“Wii Sports Resort is tthe biggest launch on Wii this year. We are hoping to break the records set by Mario Kart Wii and then Wii Fit, and achieve a No.1 in the All Formats and the Wii charts. We have a huge TV campaign running over three months, a print campaign that will include cover-wraps on The Daily Star, Metro and Shortlist, an online takeover on MSN and all the major gaming websites, as well as a cinema campaign alongside Harry Potter. Below the line, we have one of our biggest ever sampling campaigns planned in, based around a beach resort theme, as well as a massive PR push. I’d say it’s probably the biggest campaign I’ve ever been involved with." - Nintendo’s senior product manager Robert Lowe

Mr. Lowe went on to discuss the actual commercial for Wii Sports Resort, which will be decidedly different from Nintendo's past Wii advertising.

“Nintendo has decided to slightly move away from the ‘Wii family around the sofa’ style of advertising, and are now showing sporting professionals from around Europe trying out their expertise on Wii Sports Resort. The initial cuts of the Wii Sports Resort ad campaign really look fantastic, and we hope it will gain major cut-through to our broad Wii audience. We’ll be targeting a very broad audience when the game is released in July – as Wii Sports Resort really is for anyone.”


I'm in now way doubting the success of WSR and the size of the launch, but you have to wonder if it will be this "big". Last time NoE talked, they said that Punch-Out wa going to be Nº1 in the charts and it didn't even appear in the Top 40, so I honestly don't trust these guys.

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well wii sports is way more popular than punch out, putting a trailer or ad for it during harry potter is fucking brilliant

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Sounds major.

Too bad the other other titles without Mario, or Super in them can't even receive 1/10th as much attention.

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Given that it's Wii Sports Resort, I'd say it's fairly given it's going to be a big launch and a big title overall. With Punch-Out!!, it felt weird because they said they were gonna push it in a big way and then nothing ever really happened with that. However, I can't really imagine any scenario where they wouldn't push Wii Sports Resort to the max, so this seems more likely to actually happen.

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Lol, I wonder if I'll see an ad on the tv channels that matter in my country(vtm, 2be, vt4)
Those channels only have wii ads in commercials and never xbox360/ps3, but they still got ads there for super mario galaxy lol... I've never seen an ad of a wii game when it's just released though.

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Thats great but will it live up to the hype.




The ads for WiiMPlus are all over TV at the moment in the UK. They're short, to the point and they come at you frequently. I think the advertising so far is very smart, and this is just the beginning. Every time you hear that distinctive Wii noise, you know what the advert is about immediately, which is very smart advertising technique in itself.

I believe NoE on this.

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I've only seen virtua tennis ads here in Belgium.

About 100k Europeans had played a Punch-Out!! game before the Wii iteration and it has been a 15 year break since then. Millions have played Wii Sports and it's still hot, so I go out on a limb and predict that WSR is going to beat the sales of the new Punch-Out!!.

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I guess i'll get it on launch day x) help the cause