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Welcome to the 21st edition of Real Talk with Snake612. I apologize for the delay of this episode. I had some problems with my computer but everything is fine. Before I start this show, I was planning to release this thread on June 26. The day after Michael Jackson died and I wanted to do a tribute. I know its a bit late but before I get the show started I want to play one of my favorite MJ videos.

Here's Michael Jackson "Beat It"


I hope you guys enjoyed that video. I got more to come on this special edition of Real Talk. I got Real Talk Wars coming up, plus 3 new music videos! Stay tuned!


R3@L TALK WARS with Snake612

Welcome to another edition of Real Talk Wars. The last time I did this segment was between Colonelstubbs  and megaman 2. I originally planned to do a segment between megaman2 and rafichamp. However, I want to do something bigger and better! Today, I am doing a segment on Kingdom Hearts III!



Alright, so I set up a 3 teams of 2. One team will represent Sony, the other Microsoft and other Nintendo. Each team will give their reason as to why KH3 should be on that company's console. Then each team will be able to give a reasonable argument to the opposite's team answer. Then when this is done, you vgchartz users will go to a poll and vote to see which team one and then when the show is over, you can post your reasons to why you chose whatever team you voted for.


REPRESENTING SONY IS: Rafichamp &  psrock




 mr.stickball & Squilliam
Alright, I'm a start it off with TEAM SONY first!
Im going to ask everybody the same question. So lets start it off with Psrock!
Here's the first question for everyone!
psrock says:

Well that's a very difficult question because I doubt this gen will see this game. However, based on what I want, it should be on the PS360. With motion control coming soon to the HD consoles,  I really don't see the advantge of the Wii anymore except for Nintendo's first party games. And most games should have the benefit of looking great and the HD consoles provide that plus the control soon to come.

But in reality the  PSP will get Kingdom Hearts 3, it gets every game now, I heard Bungie is working on a Halo game called " Halo Reach Around".


Rafichamp says: Kingdom Hearts 3 should be on the PS3. Putting it on the Wii would just make it "another typical Wii game," however if this game is made for PS3 exclusively, then this would be a megaton game. The game will sell loads if it gets released near christmas in japan with the PS3 priced at $299.99. By the game being on the PS3, it could truely utilize the PS3's power, plus it would get more sales on the PS3. Look at it like this, would Final Fantasy sell better on the Wii or the PS3? The PS3. Plus the Kingdom Hearts franchise is a Playstation original, and should stay like that.







TEAM MICROSOFT: mrstickball and Squilliam




 mrstickball explains why KH3 should be on the 360: Because the Xbox 360 has a ~30 million unit install base. Unless SE plans on launching it Wii-exclusively, it would be foolish to miss out on the revenue potential of the 360.


Squilliam says: Because there are a lot of Xbox 360 users who would enjoy playing the game. Its pretty simple really, add in the fact there are a lot of Xbox 360 users in general and it becomes obvious that its a pretty good place for the game to go. Xbox 360 users like RPG games, they like a variety of genres and theres a wide variety of different market segments who own an Xbox 360 and many will appreciate being able to play the game.







TEAM NINTENDO: soriku and SaviorX

Soriku says: KH3 makes the most sense on the Wii due to many factors. One is due to demographics. Sales show that Disney games sell better than on the HD consoles, and KH is a Disney game itself (it has FF characters but they're not the main focus. In fact I wish they got some more focus.). Couple that with the fact Disney is very happy with the Wii game wise (I don't take blu ray and whatever in these arguments because those are only movies and I'm sure they'd rather look at game sales rather than movie sales when deciding where KH3 will end up.) Two, the Wii simply has the most selling potential of KH in all regions. I'd explain but Sqrl has already made an explanation. Three, SE is very supportive of the Wii. DQ X, FFCC: TCB, FFIV: The After Years, and other games signify that they have faith in selling games on the Wii. And now for the most obvious ones, dev costs are cheaper and I don't know if they want to make another huge costing game for the HD consoles when they have FF XIII. KH is also not about graphics and relies more on its art style, and it would still look amazing on the Wii. Userbase is also a given. People might say "but the Wii doesn't have enough core gamers to justify KH3 being on it." Well look here, KH isn't a totally core game. It appeals to children as well. My cousin got KH1 for his birthday when he was 6 (he's older now, like 8 or something) and is actually pretty good at the game. Nomura also said the reason he put KH: CoM on the GBA was because he heard kids wanted a KH game on the GBA. But for the core players themselves, there's plenty of core games to drive core gamers on the Wii. Red Steel 2, Conduit, MH3, Tales of Graces, FFCC: TCB, Overlord, RE, Dead Space, and many, many other games. It just seems as a natural fit for the Wii.


 SaviorX says: Kingdom Hearts should be going to the Wii, because the demographic for the Wii matches the Kingdom Hearts series perfectly, catering to those who don't play ultra-violent games, but move towards games like Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. As you can see from Kingdom Hearts on the DS in Japan, there is a great following of the series on a Nintendo console. No other console has such a high userbase. Odds are, if it was on another platform, it would be a multiplatform game, removing the focus of getting the most out of one system. Since Kingdom Hearts hasn't even started yet, doing it on the Wii could give us the possibility of actually seeing it THIS generation.

THATS the end of the first round. Now are there any arguments!




Rafichamp responded to Soriku's reason as to why KH3

Here's what Rafichamp had to say


Rafichamp: Square Enix is supportive towards Wii? Okey there. Even though Disney games do sell better on the Wii, KH3 is not a Hannah Montana game. Kingdom Hearts 3 is more in lines of a RPG, and what do all RPG's need to be great? Big worlds, and I do not think the Wii is capable of doing that. Making the game exclusive for PS3 would offer bigger and more beatiful worlds. Also by the game taking a more Hardcore path, it will sell like FFXIII. Heres the conclusion, Kingdom Hearts 3 should be made exclusive for the PS3, and Square Enix should just continue making low-budget spin-offs for the Wii and DS.


SaviorX had something to say to rafichamp's response


SaviorX says: I disagree (obviously). With a userbase on the Wii that is currently 2.5x the size of the PS3's in Japan, the potential for KH to sell better would be there. Since the series has never been rendered in HD before, fans who wished to see the series advance would have no thought of a regression in power, like what would occur if there was a PS3 KH then years later, a Wii one. Plus, if it was a PS3 game, we wouldn't see it for another 3.5+ years minimum. If it has taken near 5 years to make FF13 and KH3 hasn't even started yet, it would not see the light of day this generation. The "another typical Wii game" rule wouldn't apply with a series of this caliber either. 3rd parties haven't given Nintendo titles to work with like this with such large influence in the industry. As you can see with their massive efforts towards Monster Hunter 3's success in Japan right now, I doubt Nintendo would let it go as just another game. As for the title being a Playstation original.........that hasn't stopped Microsoft from taking about a dozen of these "originals" from Sony.



ALright here's my question to rafichamp:

SaviorX said that the game would fit the Wii's userbase better? How do you respond to that?


Rafichamp says: The development of Kingdom Hearts 3 has not even started yet. The game could be the next big AAA game on the PS3 with its high budget and very big open world, and still sell a lot. If its released on the Wii, it will not be the next AAA game, I would expect it to be a poorly made game that Square Enix quickly made to aquire revenue. So, I personally think that the PS3 should get the "true" sequel while the Wii gets a spin-off. Much like Kingdom Hearts for the DS, fun for the kids and easy to play. Where the PS3's version would be more of like an RPG, or very similar to Final Fantasy. So this really could go either way.


 Alright I have some questions is for mrstickball. 

The developers put the first two games in the main series on the Playstation 2, why would developers put the Kingdom Hearts III on the Xbox 360?

In terms of sales, why do u think Kingdom Hearts will sell more on the Xbox 360 than any other console?


mrstickball says: Square Enix put the last 2 Final Fantasies, Star Oceans, Front Missions, and Tales of games on the PS2...All went to the 360. So there's a decent prescident that Square-Enix doesn't have a problem of developing on the platform. Most development companies go where the money is, regardless of the brand.


I never said it would sell more than any other console. However, Square is in it for the profit. Microsoft has shown time and time again that they can do a great job of offsetting any potential loss of revenue with better contracts. KH3 would sell very well on the 360 as a very viable multi-plat game. As an exclusive, I think it would sell better than if it was on the PS3, and possibly as well as on the Wii.


Now these next 2 questions I have for psrock are the same questions I had for mrstickball.

In terms of sales, why do u think the third game in this series would sell more on PS3 than any other console?

 Nintendo has a convincing argument on why the next game should be on the Wii because of demographics, but can you prove why its most important if the game is on the PS3 than the Wii?

psrock says:

I believe it should be a multiplatform game. I see tremendous numbers in Japan for the PS3, equal numbers between the PS3 AND 360 in OTHERS and 360 winning in NA. As much as I love the PS3, selling software hasnt been its strenght, thus sharing most games with the 360 is seen as more beneficial to the developer.


The Only arguments Wii fans has is its userbase, but adding the 360 to picture will help throw that excuse to the doors. It's not a question of deserving, but I believe that in 2009, no matter what most people say, a game should look as good as possible. And in 2010, unless the Wii brings out the HD version, all consoles will have motion control and make the wii feel dated.

I dealt with Monster Hunter 3, but seriously, I would love to see what this game look like in HD.


These questions also applies to Squilliam

Squilliam says:

The developers put the first two games in the main series on the Playstation 2, why would developers put the Kingdom Hearts III on the Xbox 360?

The developers in this case are Square Enix and they have developed a strong working relationship with Microsoft if you check out all the other ports for software they have made and they are inimately familiar with the platform in question.

Kingdom Hearts is a game made from both Sqaure Enix's library of Final Fantasy franchises which they are going to great expense to port to the Xbox 360 already, and Disneys cast of memorable characters which are incredibly popular in their home country the United Stated of America where the Xbox 360 has an incredibly strong presence.

Microsoft is willing and able to offer incentives for major franchises to come to a platform. Kingdom Hearts which fills a hole in their lineup would be an excellent candidate for these incentives as Microsoft would always be looking for a child centred game to strengthen the Xbox 360 in the area of its greatest weakness with regards to excellent content targetted at children.


I think it may sell more on the Xbox 360 because of the relative weakness this generation of the home consoles in Japan so much more of the sales for the game would be focused on the United States where the Xbox 360 is strong. Its hard to say how it would do relative to a Wii release but against a PS3 release it should do much better here because the userbase has a younger component moreso than the PS3 and there are more action RPG fans to go along with a larger overall userbase.




Alright thats the end of this Real Talk WARS. NOW GO TO THE POLL AND VOTE!

Here's the link to the poll:


BEFORE WE DO THAT! Here's the Real Talk Premiere of Eminem "Beautiful"



Thats it for this edition of Real Talk with Snake612. I want to thank Squilliam, SaviorX, psrock,mrstickball,rafichamp,and Soriku for doing one of the best Real Talk Wars I've done so far.

Thank you I appreciate it!

Good night to my Real Talk fans and vgchartz users

Thank you and may everyone in the US, have a happy 4th of July.

I'm going to leave you with the Real Talk Premiere of Linkin Park "New Divide"





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