Wow PS3 currently NUMBER 1 on AMAZON!!

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First time I've seen this. That temporary price cut has done wonders!!



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what price cut?

$50 deal of the day

deal of the day $50 off, which gets a lot of traffic, so no surprise.

If you drop a PS3 right on top of a Wii, it would definitely defeat it. Not so sure about the Xbox360. - mancandy
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Someone should send those numbers to sony :)

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PS3 #1 confirmed!

Just image a real pricecut at every retailer around the world.

Wow number 1... I get get used to seeing that.


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End of 2011 Sales: Wii = 90mil, 360 = 61mil, PS3= 60mil

This is proof that PS3 can still outsell DS

Woot! This could be a small clue to Sony of what will happen if they initiate a $50 cut. They just need to extrapolate the data to make estimates of what it would do on a larger scale.