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Because everybody is busy with the "Metal Gear_____ something" I think it'd nice to see another of the articles in the new Famitsu, No More Heroes 2:





Sylvia is back, and looks quite more detailed than the first one.


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Haha, nice! Travis looks goofy in that first picture.

Also: two beam swords! *gasp*

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Well they can have fun with their Metal Gear. Sweet scans for the new No More Heroes game. I hope they show this off at E3. That would be tight. And yes Sylvia looks as hot as ever haha.

I can't stay mad at Sylvia!

Former something....

I can't wait to slice off that dork's boom box accordion arms.

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FInally we get to see something from this game. Its hard to see the pics but it looks like they juiced up the graphics a bit. That Nathan Copeland boss dude on the last scan looks sweet.

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The ultimate femme fatale. Gotta love her.


Game looks good. Love me some Sylvia.

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Sweeeeeeet. :D