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PlayStation Home is getting its biggest update yet. In addition to the previously-revealed StageSet add-on for Home, a brand new Space for Siren: Blood Curse will be available for American audiences. There are a few mini-games for users to partake in, like the five-player cooperative "Ward of Despair" that tasks players to complete objectives without a Shibito grabbing any of the players. Success will reward each five-man team with Home rewards.

Those of you that don't have the game yet will want to jump on Home next week, on May 12th at 4PM, to participate in the "HorrorBowl" bowling tournament. Everyone that shows up will be given a chance to win a free voucher for the first four episodes of this PSN-exclusive horror game.

Finally, those of you that have been waiting for a price drop will be glad to know that Siren: Blood Curse is now available for only $29.99. (Four episode packs are available for $10.99 each.)


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Awesome I love checking out these new Home spaces


yeah i know its curse for the thread name its cold where i live so my hands tremble wen typing


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I don't care about Home, but Siren is the best survival horror game of this generation and a underrated gem.

I hope they announce a new one during the TGS.

Does Siren have trophies?

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yes!!! im getting a 320GB this week so i might give siren another go

if you havent got siren yet youre missing out its a great game.

best true survival horror this gen.

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^is that so? better than Dead Space???? now I'm getting interested....

Euphoria14 said:
Does Siren have trophies?

No. The fact that they worked on this and not implement trophies is bs.

SIREN!!!!! The scariest game I've played since SILENT HILL 1 is getting it's own space, I CANT. WAIT.

@ Mirson: The game is still good. Why not just appreciate that...?


No, the fact that they would work on a home room rather than updating their game, giving owners what they want is flat out bs.

Never heard of the Siren before but I guess it is really good basing my judgment on what the members of VGC have been saying about the games so far in this thread.