FFCC: The Crystal Bearers Prolouge Video MUST SEE!!!!

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That looks even better with the translations (so I can understand what is being said :>).

It really looks to me like SQE is attempting to create a Zelda style franchise - set in the FF/CC universe of course.

Ico does remind me of the 'end' of Laputa, when they are wandering around the castle...

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youjiro said:
PSwii60 said:

hmm.. it’s okay looking.. though judging from previous videos w/ gameplays, game does seem fun

at least it’s an improvement, graphic-wise, from most of 3rd party games



the main character is cool.. but i still don’t get what kind of jacket he’s wearing..

he doesn’t look too proportionate.. is it supposed to be a puffy, like southpole type jacket??

also he’s a little different than most Final Fantasy main characters..

  i can’t quite point my finger on it


damn it, just talkin’ about it make me want to finish RoF and buy EoT


LOL, stupid SE... and their FF games.. i somehow get coerced into buying into this hype


regardless, 1st day purchase for meeh.. hahah


if i remember correctly i remember square discussing the character way back when this game was first announced. They said they wanted him to be firrect from other FF main characters. so Layle as they call him, actually starts off as a well known hero... where in most FF gams you start as a nobody and work you way up... that could be the differnence you were noticed



hahah.. thnx


that’s cool they’re veering off towards a more laid back character like him

‘cuz it seems most characters of FF are burden-ridden and shows here and there the pressure that they have to live up to..


which seems somewhat unlike Layle.. which is also cool


but then, we’ll see.... .. . 

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I might actually buy this one. I rented the one on Gamecube and only planned on buying the DS releases used. This is looking like a day one purchase.

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Hahahahaha that was awesome. I love the main character!

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this game.