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Craziest Prediction I've heard...

Xbox 360 Arcade

PS4 announced for Christmas 2010

Nintendo surprises crowd wth SmashBros Brawl Remix
New Zelda, SM Galaxy2, and Pokemon Wii RPG
3rd Parties? GTA: Wii, KH3 and many companies announce Motion+ titles

DS gets NSMB2, and a new Pokemon announced for Christmas 2010 that integrates with the Wii version

PSP2 announced

Predictions For Last Full Week of Sales in 2010)

WII - 80.35 Million

360 - 43.88 Million

PS3 - 41.40 Million

More terrible predictions coming Jan. 2011!!!

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Sega releases Dreamcast 2, with the return of thier old mascot...

Return of Sega Sanshiro! Viva la Sega!


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blackstar buys an HD console ! XD

PS4 announced for 2010 with full ps3 compatibility


PS3 price cut
360 slimbox
wii HD
wada sports a 360 tattoo on his ass

final fantasy ps3 will come on TWO blu ray discs
halo party game
mario survival horror game

highly improbable:

sega relaunches dreamcast as Dreamcast HD: launch titles include iron man,hulk and every other crappy sonic 3D sega game.

Nintendo quits videogaming business and goes into erotic underwear designing

microsoft embraces snow leopard as next windows RC..releases ms office+minesweeper 3D for iphone


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5 THINGS I'd like to see before i knock out:

a. a AAA 3D sonic title

b. a nintendo developed game that has a "M rating"

c. redesgined PS controller

d. SEGA back in the console business

e. M$ out of the OS business

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E3 is 38 days away, sorry you will just have to wait.

Microsoft "buys" Nintendo in hops of dethroning the wii.

Sony and Apple merge to become a major super conglomerate and purchases EA for a cool 800 Billion dollars.

Nintendo makes a fps utilizing  the wii mote that has all the members of brawl as playable players.  Mario is the main character and he and link must save Zelda in this "hamfisted" tour de force.

The wii does a revision and now supports HD resolution.

Microsoft buys square-enix and the company disbands and becomes sony first party developers.


Just a few crazy predictions that if true would truly revolutionise the gaming industry.

FFXIII returns exclusive

Wii price raised to just prove they can do it and still less like crazy

GT5 WW launch in 09

Bungie makes multiplat game


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FFXIII will be canceled on PS3 and instead come to the Wii!

Nintendo will announce a peripheral that you can stick in to the back of the Wii which will make it so that you can play all the 360 games. Yes in HD!!

Nintendo will announce SMG2 but only on 360!!
MS paid Nintendo to make one Mario game on the 360! They paid them an amount never before paied for a game and will most likely never be surpassed in the future! (yes it is that much)

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1. microsoft announce a death proof 360 :D
2. sony employee slaps bill gates
3. nintendo announce a new DS... DSi V2 more powerful than a PC
4. i will be there
5. PS3 will now give oral sex and increases online stabilises thank to firmware v3.00