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Start with this as a premise:

i) Ganondorf does something bad
ii) Lures Link into a trap
iii) Link ends up in some form of time/space portal...

...which takes him out of Hyrule completely, and dumps him in a completely different game environment/world.

What world would you like to see him in?

a) Time traveling Eternal Darkness setting
b) Resident Evil virus outbreak setting
c) Futuristic Halo/Mass Effect planetary war
d) Journey to the centre of the Earth setting
e) WWII scenario

The Zelda series needs a complete change of scenery. Hyrule has become predictable and stale, and needs a solid injection of original content and ideas.

A complete change of setting would provide the basis for new objects, new puzzles, new characters - and a lot of fun.

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^ C.

The flooding of Hyrule - ftw

Yes I think shams has got this game by the cochones, we need something new yet oldschool, sure lots of Zelda fans will be "Oh NO it´s Windwaker all over again" some say Windwaker went to far, I say it didn´t go far enough.  I´m with Soriku on that option C is the most compelling setting.

You could have a futuristic Zelda without loosing the original Zelda feel. Just like the X-Men animated series (which I love) you could make great futuristic scenarios, like Link and Ganondof fighting agains a greater evil, Link gets a Lightsabre and a Space-bow.... it could really be something special. Unfortunatly I don´t think Nintendo will go that far, even the Zeldas that played outside of Hyrule where really very classic in theit setting.

Still I´m very optimistic this will be a brilliant game, a female Ganondort (or maybe his evil/good sister sound very promissing. 




I think there needs to be a war. You as the captain. Your army fights whoever the enemy thing. I think Zelda also needs party members. Make bosses/enemies harder.

Either that or the flood with a dramatic story.

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Since LoZ is actually an RPG well......... it should a turn-based RPG or an action-based RPG!!!

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What if link dies prematurely before the prophecy is fulfilled and some new hero is forced to take the burden of becoming the new hero of light.

TLoZ is getting annoying a bit. It's the same story:

Go through 8 dungeons to get 8 useless things and save Zelda from Ganon.

It needs an overhaul.

I buy it regularly, though.

And where's my jump button.

i'm constantly surprised at people turning their backs on WW graphical style, i think it looks better than TP.

i liked the idea of a war soriku, it's never really a proper war in zelda, just link versus ganon+hoards, most of the other characters are oblivious.
i was particularly annoyed at those 4 freedom fighter types in TP when they helped in hyrule castle... i just thought "is that it. could at least help with the final fight"

One thing I DO NOT want is a time shift. There are many ways to teach some new tricks to this old, granted majestic, but still old dog. In my opinion, just putting it in a different time setting would be no better than redoing Hyrule while still keeping the same quest system. I love the Medieval art in Zelda and I don't want to see them completely abandon it. I think a war in Hyrule would be amazing and would certainly change the basic concept of the game. It would also allow for different styles of fights besides the usual mob of small monsters, a few medium monsters, or one big monster coming at you. Plus, you could also have multiple endings that could result in different outcomes of the war and could affect the relationships that develop throughout the game.

Some of the easiest changes to make Zelda better are to 1)make bosses harder (three and out is way too easy) and 2) make the items you acquire used more than just for the dungeon you find them in.