Forums - Sony Discussion - GOW III developer gives PDF on PS3 development/general development

Its pretty interesting.

It talks about:

  • SPE usage
  • PS3 coding
  • General game development specific to the PS3
  • Edge tools
  • Rendering
  • Optimizing

Its some pretty good stuff, and its extremely easy to read and follow even if you're not up on the most technical terms. I suggest that anyone whos interested in the PS3s technology, how games are made or God of War III check it out.

Edit: Sexy link



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Thanks for posting, interesting read.

Very nice

Im glad you guys like!


I'll have to go through that later, I'm just posting to keep an eye on it.

Thanks for sharing

I love me a good PDF with information that doesn't mean much to me :P  I guess what we need is a "Teh Cell" post or something.

But I do like the image of Kratos on the right side. lol, and the last slide as well.

nice find, I'll read it later

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So many people are intimidated by the PDF!

I should have written "Sony dev proves the PS3 is more powerful than the Wii, read this PDF" as the title.


I don't understand THE CELL, I don't think THE CELL will ever forgive me

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^ Its ok, so long as you have Gohan to protect you.