LBP is SOOOO much better with friend!

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I put this in off-topic because it's kinda random, but I just came to this realization. LBP was always fun when I just played by myself and screwed around with all the levels that were made....but I just played with a friend and we just had a GRAND time for about 3 hours. He hadn't played the game before and he loved it, and it was just fun. Plain and simple. Moral to the story: things are better with friends lol

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so is masterbation. Don't believe me? Try it.

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Sorry this is an old thread to kinda dig up, but I have been thinking about this lately.
Pretty much everything is better with other people. Most happiness comes from loving and connecting with others, no matter what it is you share. (unless its drugs that fundamentally alter your brain or something)
I wish I had LBP. I couldn't justify buying a PS3 for only LBP, Disgaea 3, Valkeryia Chronciles, and Uncharted though.

This isn't old...I made it like 2 days ago. Just no one responded lol