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Posting to subscribe. Thanks again Neoratt for keeping up with the league.

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I did not think it would ever happen, but there is finally 15 people with N+.

(Jagen holds out hand for 200/200 earned 9/1/2008)

JK... I know you are busy, and will get to it when you have time.
BTW, this looks great. I like the new format. It is super easy to find stuff now.

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*Carl laughs heavily in jagenjg's direction*

Awesome stuff :).


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So how will game tournaments be gauged for times when the release dates are not congruent in different countries?

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Noo! I lost all my frigging platinums in one week!!!

Meh ... well if I work hard I can overtake BKnight and steal both his platinums, Burnout Revenge only needs one more player ... I want my Fable 2 platinum back :(


Loads better now, great work!

The RS Vegas award is repeated for erikers and sleepwaker. erikers should ahve the RS Vegas 2 award.