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@ Star Scream

I didt get that at all regarding the UMDs future. to me all it said was, expect alot of downloadable gimmicky software like the iPhone has, i doubt it will be full games in the downloadable format

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Star Scream said:
Good on them, but funny how they kept quiet when they had no games in the pipeline. Now they have a ton of both announced and unannounced first and third party games coming, they're talking.

The second part of the interview basically confirms UMD-less PSP, probably PSP-4000.


Yep... well I do hope that the 4000 model ( if its released this year ) will have an UMD driver, and that the UMD-less one will only be the PSP2... software sales would suffer even more if they would cut the support this year :|

It's all good Sony. Although you should have realized this at one point in 2006. I actually gave up on playing good PSP games after Crisis Core (amazing game btw). I've been using it to play the hundreds of NES, SNES, Sega games I have. Now, suddenly, they reveal a killer line-up for 2009.

that's good news.

jesus kung fu magic said:

*puts game of super mario 64 on psp on pause*

They admit this NOW........


lol that was a funny.

Then come and repent for this sin Sony and give us games ;)