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JaggedSac said:
The demo was fun. Any multiplayer thoughts? Seems like that is what will make or break this game. Coop, 3vs3, etc. Getting mine tomorrow after work.


 Yep. It's a breath of fresh air. People who play with the best tactics always win. There is no, my armies bigger than yours. It takes genuine strategy to win any multiplayer game, I had one battle that lasted 3 1/2 hours. Me and one other guy left and it was tough.

Very impressive. It's makes me wonder what Ensemble could have gone on to further do for a stale genre.

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Great info, I have been on the fence about this game. But I might get it now after hearing that. Its been awhile since I played a good RTS were you needed good strategy and not just numbers.

Its really a great game but the limit is a bit too low 60-70 would be better.( max population is 50- on some maps there is a building wich increases the pop by 10)



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selnor, Ensemble basically split in two. Expect good things from both. Robot is going to be handling the dlc for HW.

I was just joking selnor. Sorry. I saw clearly in your OP that it wasnt a problem to run lots of stuff simutaneosly on screen but a strategic decision that caused the low pop limit.

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I started direclty in heroic , not legendary

I think I'll get used to the MP maps via the skirmish mode before getting online... I don't want my ass to be kicked too quickly...


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JaggedSac said:
selnor, Ensemble basically split in two. Expect good things from both. Robot is going to be handling the dlc for HW.


 Oh yeah, forgot about that. :) Still no Ensemble name:(

Phobos is right. POP is normally 30, then increased to 40 with research. Didnt know bout the 50 max on some maps though. Cool.

I still sometimes look at what is onscreen and Ensemble have done tremendously well to have no slow down. I'm on Legendary, so I have no idea whether or not they throw more enemies at you or make them stronger. But the screen is filled with battles and all sorts going by mission 5 that there is no way they could have more units for you Phobos. It would completely unbalance the game. More units would have made the game to easy for me, and taken away the strategy. The unit cap where it is finally makes me think in an RTS.

I just want to know how good the coop is? As soon as me and my cousin get it we're starting on the coop.

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I will pick it up soon. Also just reminding everyone that Ensemble has split into two new companies, Bonfire Studios and Robot Entertainment.

I really want to get this game, but I don't have the money right now. Hopefully my cousin gets it so I can play it over his house.