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^^^ I love your gifs Simulacrum!

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NightstrikerX said:
I don't think my signature is too bad, its like... 4 frames of final fantasy 6. I don't see why everyone should be punished for the select few who have intensive GIF signatures.


I'd be willing to make exceptions for anything FFVI, especially the awesomeness that is Terra. 

Also, I just block the specific images.  I know some people may think Family Guy is the bomb-diggity shizinit, but I don't want to load 20 gifs so I just blocked them all through an unnamed Firefox add-on.

I'd be happy for a file size limit to signatures.

This thread so far has 7mb or so from animated gifs, and it doesn't even have anyone with a ridiculous 4 gifs at 3mb each style sig.

I do have a bunch of animated signatures I use on other forums, I'd happily pass up the ability to use them for faster loading pages without blocking sigs entirely.


outlawauron said:
I like my Valkyria. So no.


'your valkyria' isn't animated....???

Words Of Wisdom said:

Until vgChartz implements non-idiotic signature rules I have to turn them off. They make the page load slower and in many cases are simply annoying.

I used to just magically destroy the annoying ones, but I was seeing more and more of them every day so I just said "screw it" and turned them all off.


Especially if you have dial up.

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Phrancheyez said:
Well tbh kirby, yours isn't that bad. It actually doesn't slow down my pc at all. The ones with gameplay footage are more what I'm concerned with, they make viewing threads a headache.


His doesn't load slow becuase your PC only has to download one gif. It then repeats that gif 12 times.

I wouldn't mind the ban. But cougarman's sig is actually pretty cool.
How about we make a size limit of sig gifs? Soriku's sig has to be the most annoying on this site.

Why ban gifs? only do it if it gets out of hand.


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A size limit would be fine. 254k per pic would do, it takes the piss when people have 10mb sigs and you get 2 or 3 in 1 thread.

i just block on my browser the pics i don't want to see... like the sig of the OP... people with low speed internet connection should block the sigs not to ruin others internet experience... we are evolving not devolving... sig size should increase not decrease...

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