I think im going to become a true Xbox 360 fan soon.

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Spankey said:

I thought that the 360 already had true fans in it.
If it doesn't, that might expain some overheating issues.
Can a fan actually game?

And as on how to become one, some surgery may be in order.


 you almost made me shoot sloppy joes through my noes

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You better watch out Squiliam. Then again, you might have potential.

Ei Kiinasti.

Eikä Japanisti.

Vaan pannaan jalalla koreasti.


Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

Damn have the gold membership but no way in hell do I have halo 3. Aww not a fan apparently.

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I thought you were a huge Wii fan because you keep arguing that games sales show how good a game is.

I meet all those requisites!

I am now a true Xbox 360 fan.

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FaRmLaNd said:
We have god on our side! I mean we all have halos!


That may be so.. but we have the destroyer of Gods


And he aint happy


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I still have Halo 3 and 9 months left on my gold subscription. (+
41 other games)

Count me in.

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any device for producing a current of air by the movement of a broad surface or a number of such surfaces.


You have to open your Xbox, stand on the processor and open your arms. If you manage to spin for 2 hours without getting a RRoD, you are a true XBox fan.

NJ5 said:
I have seen you defend the PS3 a few times, so you can't be a true 360 fan. You also have to reorganize retailers' shelves in order to maximize the sales of 360-related products.

In short, no you are not.

I have a tendancy to do this.. but with every game they have. It's always so... unorganized.


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