The lack of an ethernet port on the Wii is a ridiculous omission.

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No, i agree that it's totally stupid


It kinda worked out for me because DS obviously came before Wii, and DS online before Wii online, and that kinda forced me to step up the game of convincing my parents to get DSL with a wireless router, and finally upgrade from Dial-up anyway, so i was already set up for WFC


here at college, though, it's a nightmare. Wii just refuses to read my college's wifi (so does my DS, and my laptop isn't too friendly with it, even if it does work). I spent $15 on a Sabrent LAN adapter (which, according to WiiLi.org, was supposed to be compatible), but i can't get it to work, and don't want to spend $25 on the Nintendo one which is guaranteed to work, leaving my Wii with only temporary Wi-Fi access, as i have to plug in my old Linksys router


The point is, i just never understood why they didn't. Despite the fact that i do find WiFi superior (except for hardcore downloading like torrents), it just makes no sense to not cover that most basic thing

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Ya know this bothered me too at first. But when I realized you can get a wireless-g router for like $20 on sale I took the plunge, it was totally worth it. Now I can actually buy a laptop and use the wireless.

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dougsdad0629 said:

I perplexes me why there would not be something as simple as an ethernet port on the Wii.  To make things worse, the LAN adapter is pretty hard to find.  Best Buy even told me they discontinued the LAN adapter they used to sell.  How dumb is that?  Not everybody has Wi-fi.  I know I can get it on Amazon if I have to, but I prefer to buy it locally if possible.  Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.



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Yea it would have been nice to have the option out of the box, but wireless is the way of the future. Nintendo has pretty much kept everything wireless since the later days of the gamecube era.

My point is that Nintendo supposedly went Standard Definition because they figured that not everybody has a HDTV. They should have applied the same logic here and realized that not everybody has or wants wi-fi.

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If you have a big house, wireless is much better than running a wired connection, so personally, I don't really care about the Wii not having an ethernet port. That being sad, I do wish it was wireless-N but that probably wouldn't be very cost-effective on Nintendo's part.

FreeTalkLive said:
Of course, Wi-fi is far more useful for 90% of the population so you should be looking at MS.


I agree with this, as I am one of those people for whom wi-fi is really the only option.

However, I do agree that it is a rather glaring ommission on Nintendo's part.  It's something so basic that you'd think they'd include it.  Kind've like the ps3's lack of an IR sensor, rendering universal remotes useless.

Yeah i thought the lck of ethernet was weird. I went wireless when I got my Wii. Then i made all the computers in the house wireless too. Much easier to deal with when moving =)

Just buy a USB adapter and get it over with if you're not going wireless.



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FreeTalkLive said:
Of course, Wi-fi is far more useful for 90% of the population so you should be looking at MS.

Is this from a study or survey?


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