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leo-j said:
Gballzack said:
God, if I had a penis I would be unstopable! muwahahahahahaha! Neither boy nor girl would be safe from my wrath.

But I don't think I'd ever leave my room in the first place, boy parts would be too much fun.


Gballzack?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think I just shit my pants...

 QFT... WTFH?!?!

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Most girls can't even begin to fathom the countless hours of fun.

LOL, that was fast.

fazz said:
LOL, that was fast.

did she find a way to un ban herself?



I'm not sure how she got back, but she earned her perma ban. And I'm going to make sure that it sticks.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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Wait, did she just get unbanned only to be banned again almost immedietly?

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Aww, and for a second I hoped she would be back. She was an interesting character to have on these forums but then she had to go and screw it up that fast. Oh well, her loss I guess.

eab said:

All the other girls I surveryed were like "Well I guess it would be interesting..."

 Come on now. You know they are all just pretending. I think girls would be as interested with their new part(s) as the guys would.

ahaha and i thought leo was perverted..
wait so posting semi nude pictures can get you perma banned?.
cause ive seen ioi's thread where Samus wears a bikini.

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