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jack black hate makes me sad :(

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GoW3 , Uncharted 2 Trailer = g'night time to sleep Million.

woah Uncharted 2 next



What the #$%%#$

One of the unannounced games is based on a story, cant remember the name they gave but it's from EA and the people who made facebreaker.


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So is it already begun?

VGA like to be as neutral as posible a lot of multiplataform games won the awards, they are just trying to show that they are neutrla and do not like to bring controversy like the falbe 2 game of the year in x play.

I want to see the God of War III trailer and the Uncharted 2 trailer.


the ass munch is back, what age range is this show aimed at?



They are not saying the Winner names, they are saying TBA (to be announced) for every game.

Just about to show Uncharted 2... but then stopped the screen.. LMFAO..

I always new the cheers were fake... but now you can tell for your self.. there is NOBODY in the studio.

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