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*~Onna76~* said:
First I got to see it before I believe it and I agree with Mike, though there are quality 3rd party games available on the WII (think about Okami, de Blob, Boom Blox, Blast Works, yeah its great!, Zack & Wiki) but selling like crap comparing to the install base of the WII. Its an utter shame. Games that are shovelware titles, think of Rabbids and Carnival Games do sell. The morality of all this? Most people only buy this junk as they're party games and look so much fun with the family, while we as (hard)core gamers know better than that.



The average consumer buys what's advertised--which both Rabbids and Carnival Games have been.  Both had strong ad campaigns behind them.  Hardcore games are hardly advertised on the system and that's sad and unfortunate. 

Next year is more about hardcore gamers stepping up to the plate than Nintendo.  If we want more hardcore games on the system, we ought to be buying the damn things.  If Castlevania Judgement, Monster Lab, Deadly Creatures, Tenchu 4, The Conduit, MadWorld, and others garner good enough reviews and still nobody buys them--then the failure of 3rd party titles on the Wii is entirely on us--the gamers.


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i think it's true!!

anyone thought of how many awesome games are coming to Wii in 2009??

most of them are core games, and now that 3rd party developers got used to making Wii controls, i think Wii will rock in 2009!

Monster Hunter 3, No More Heroes 2, Sin and Punishment.....they are sooo many, can't remember all of them!!

so many games, so little time....(and money of course) : P

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of course the games are coming saying anything else is just plain wishful thinking from PS360 Fanboys.

Great games with alot to do in takes years to make, that's why we have often only seen shovelware coming to Wii since most publishers thought that PS360 would rule supreme and that's why they didn't start develope "hardcore" games until after the Wii have already been released.
Unlike PS360 wich they developed long before they hit the market.

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scottie said:
Is anyone here surprised by this?

It's called the Blue Ocean strategy. You start with the expanded audience, and then head upmarket. Being as you have a solid foundation in the Blue Ocean, your competitors will be unable to compete and will be forced further upmarket, which in turn gives them less ability to compete next time Nintendo tries to push them further


It'll be interesting to see what WM+ delivers too.  If you can do the games we all envisioned when Wii first came out properly with WM+ (like true 1:1 lightsaber fighting, etc) that'll get even the 'hardcore' to buy Wii for it's unique appeal.  But even without 'violent' games that the so-called 'hardcore' love Wii is crushing the competition so I don't think they are overly worried about it.  

Also consider this - how many publishers of those 'hardcore' games have posted profits?  Activision off the back of WoW and GH but very few others.  HD graphics development costs are killing this industry.  It needs to reinvent itself.  



"Also consider this - how many publishers of those 'hardcore' games have posted profits? Activision off the back of WoW and GH but very few others. HD graphics development costs are killing this industry. It needs to reinvent itself."

It might have been a problem that occurred in the switch from 2d to 3d days happening too fast because as the old saying goes once you've had better graphics, then you can't go back.

And that is actually a problem with the current gen games on hd consoles. The graphics leap hasn't been big enough and that could be part of the Wii's success. Maybe games like Galaxy look much better than previous era Nintendo games, but when you get a PS3 and are hyped for Ratchet and Clank and hear that the game is so realistic that you'll be able to see his fur bristle, for example, then you get the game and it looks good, but still looks like the PS2 version, you're a bit disappointed regardless of the fact that the game is still as good or even better.

I think if there had been a much bigger leap in graphics from last gen (and the 360 has the same problem -- Gears looks a lot like Splinter Cell to me with bulkier soldiers), then the HD consoles would be doing much better.

Maybe there is a descrepancy between expectations for these consoles and what can actually be delivered with modern technologies.

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Yes... but I want Nintendo-developed games. And not Nintendo's second-rate teams (Genius Sonority, Artoon...). It's not like it's hard - it's very easy to think of new things the Wii could bring to Star Fox, Kid Icarus, an RPG Paper Mario, etc.

@ trestres

i have no problem with your wii depression until it becomes illogical. nintendo will have more than just 3 games coming to wii in 2009. thats like me saying 'well i live in eirope sop the only worthy games coming for wii is deadly creatures in february and murramasa in november'. most likely most thurd party games announced will ht in 2009. as for first party we know that America gets punchout and S&P2 + at least one other title in Q1 and thats just nintendo. from third partys im guessing we see sonic and the black knight, madworld and house of the dead overkill(notice all sega games). Japan is gettign trace memory and fragile in january 22 so they may come to the west by Q1

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If Monster Hunter Tri will be released in 2009 then yea she's totally on the money.

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don't forget Sega's The Conduit..lol..publishers ftw?


trestres lost it....a few months ago he would have said NO Nintendo games would be released in '09, since Nintendo didn't announce the games till a few months before release..as usual..at a Japanese Press Conference

so...I don't get him XDDDD in a few months Nintendo might announce a few other games (if they are close to being finished)

so...I don't see the problem..

You can play Wii Music hardcore.

Miyamoto said so.

Why wait until next year for hardcore Wii fun?

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