Why was wii music hyped?

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It was hyped, in a negative way.

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Chuck Norris owns it so... 10 million seller guaranteed


skeezer said:
Chuck Norris owns it so... 10 million seller guaranteed

amen, also a nice steal! i have been robbed 2 times in this thread


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Well, lets see. Shigeru Miyamoto had a hand in developing it. A lot of people think that he is the greatest game developer of all time. Also it is a part of the monster selling Wii series. Besides for that, their was no reason for hyping it.

The fact that Chuck Norris owns it would discourage anyone in their right mind from buying it. Since Code of Silence what's he done that's any good at all?

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The only people that hyped this game...worked for Nintendo.

No disrespect.

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From what I can tell, Wii Music was one of the few games to get more or less universal negative hype (whatever that term is), if the collective sentiment of internet forums is any indication.

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i dont think many people were hyped over it.

Hype? I remember a lot of hate threads but not hype ones.

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Ya I remeber alot of people saying this was going to bomb, even from just seeing it at E3, people were saying it'll bomb I don't remember much people claiming it would be great, but it's understandeble that it would be hyped because it is a "Wii" titled game and all the other "Wii" titled games did really good in sales.

Wii Music got slammed day one.

Hyped my ass.