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Here are some good sites for info/tips/guides/trades/meeting new friends for Animal Crossing: City Folk!




This thread is more than just FC sharing.  Post your strategy, stories, trades, and any other topics on Animal Crossing: City Folk!

Just a reminder you need to post your character's name, town name, and FC for people to add you!

(Probably best to message the people you add to let them know to add you)

sethnintendo - FC: 3523-5528-0943, Name: Seth, Town: Nintendo

tehsage - FC: 1848 5156 2661, Name: Justin, Town: Hyrule

BCrayfish - FC: 0087 5793 0451, Name: Ryan, Town: Threed

Smashchu2 - FC: 3695 3519 9179, Name: Chris, Town: Chobolia

sdfoxwwe - FC: 3824 1988 7446, Name: Elliot, Town: Quahog

Leni - FC: 0817 7245 6626, Name: Leni, Town: New Bark

Hyperion - FC: 1934 4165 6053, Name: Alan, Town: Ashgrove

kylau86 - FC: 4511 3957 9692, Name: Kyle, Town: Megaton

Smeags - FC: 0259 3796 7841, Name: Smeags, Town: Hobbiton

Pretendo - FC: 2578 6665 9135, Name: Dallas, Town: Kakariko

coasterlove - FC: 1419 0255 3914, Name: Mark, Town:Sandusky

Joelcool7 - FC: 2020 3209 9423, Name : JoelCool, Town: Canada

thekitchensink - FC: 3480 6101 0112, Name: Daniel, Town: Lapickla

pichu_pichu - FC: 2449 8182 0440, Name: Manny, Town: Newburgh

nintenstump6 - FC: 1290 1780 8010, Name: Stump, Town: Kakariko

leader_e - FC: 3695 3640 8836, Name: Emad, Town: Legends

Tokoro - FC: 0130 5416 4575, Name: Kyle, Town: Fourside

PhalanxCO - FC: 4854 9967 8534, Name: Chris, Town: Avonlea

Phoenix_Wiight - FC: 3008 1648 0688, Name: Fizz, Town: Squirtle

johnlucas - FC: 5327 4539 1098, Name: John-Boy, Town: Liberty

josenieves1 - FC: 3008 1736 4670, Name: Charlie, Town: Milkania

Sean425 - FC: 0345-2973-5549, Name: Sean, Town: PigSnout

DrJay - FC: 0602-9817-7217, Name: DrJay, Town: AeroPark

krimoz911 - FC: 4769-1121-1083, Name: keemo, Town: Mineral

Voltaire - FC: 0302-3421-6296, Name: Voltaire, Town: Town

Ramuji - FC: 3137-0111-4538, Name: ramuji, Town: runazaemon

winryplz - FC: 3179-9869-7698, Name: Danielle, Town: Nevidia

MadHatter - FC: 1290-2045-1769, Name: Ant, Town: Toyland

bazmeistergen - FC: 4382-5736-4573, Name: Baz, Town: Vision

Sky Render - FC: 0903-6248-3355, Name: Sky, Town: Acacia

silverlunar777 - FC: 4339-6496-6843, Name: Silver, Town: Popstar

Goodlife - FC: 2621-6604-0566, Name: Lisa, Town: G'Graig

Bursche - FC: 2492-8227-9090, Name: Gary, Town: McAwesom

RCTjunkie - FC: 0946-6378-6843, Name: Zack, Town: Z-Ville

LoganK666 - FC: 0860-7457-9405, Name: Logan, Town: HillTown

jv103 - FC: 0259-4975-4927, Name: Joe, Town: Loranus

SkyrowX - FC: 2578-7499-4439, Name: Skyrow, Town: Havana

kazadoom, FC: 4984-0024-6018, Name: Doober, Town: Doobern

Spyderlotus, FC: 4983-9802-0611, Name: st, Town: Rome




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I'm getting it on Monday. I can't wait to play it and go online. It's been years since I played the original, so it's going to be great.

3DS FC: 1306 6473 7511

Nintendod Network ID: xsorenx

Add me for Pokemon, New Leaf, and Fire Emblem, Mario Kart 8.

I'll Hopefully to pick it up tomorrow too. Animal Crossing is one of my favorite series

pichu_pichu said:
I'll Hopefully to pick it up tomorrow too. Animal Crossing is one of my favorite series

EBA or Animal Crossing? Or Pichu? Which one's first?

I will never get this game....*looks in wallet sees AC wii money pouch....* never.....erg

Former something....

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izaaz101 said:
pichu_pichu said:
I'll Hopefully to pick it up tomorrow too. Animal Crossing is one of my favorite series

EBA or Animal Crossing? Or Pichu? Which one's first?

animal Crossing! I was waiting for this game for years D=

Haven't you been playing Wild World for the past couple years?

Here is mine! Add me! I want people to come to my town... Lol. 3824 1988 7446

Wii Code: 3408 4607 2609 5588

PSN: Foxwwe


@sdfoxwwe How did you get it already? Do you work at Gamestop or another retail store or just have connections?

I've got my preorder already but to wiispeak or not to wiispeak. That is the question.