Will games continue to portray women as sex objects in the future?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will games continue to portray women as sex objects in the future?

In the far, far, future...maybe not.

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Why not it makes money keep them coming.

Onyxmeth said:
SamuelRSmith said:
I hope so.

Ditto. They even made a librarian looking chica look like a total sex object. That's right Bayonetta. You tell me how much Dan Brown isn't a good author. You tell me good girl!


The 'sexy librarian' is hardly exclusive to the domain of video games.

Garcian Smith said:
DTG said:
Men are very sexual and women are far less, hence why women are much more heavily portraid as sex objects by ALL media not only games.


Bahahahahaha, I had my doubts about you before DTG, but now I know you must be either 14 or a gimmick poster.

Also, you know people can lie in surveys in Cosmo, right?

Also also, do you seriously read Cosmo?


I'm 14...are you caling me stupid? :(

Final Fantasy XXX, and think of the direction they have been going with female characters...

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I am sure there are plethora of XXX pics of FF characters drawn by fans.

No I'am hoping for a character like Charlize Theron in Monster. How did they make a babe like that look so bad??????

Impossible weight and standards will always be in video games, though that doesn't apply only to pixelated women... FF is known to have its pretty boys. ;)

lightbleeder said:
Sex sells, it's as simple as that. If I see a game where a hot girl appears it attracts my vision. I'm pretty sure that if the girl from Beyond Good & Evil was a lot hotter the game would have sold a lot more...

I have no idea what you're talking about, man.  Jade is totally hot.


Hates Nomura.

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Women are as if not more sexually driven than men, it's just that most women spread themselves all over the place but the goal in most direct cases are sexual.

Men are also very sexual it's just that where as women multi-task nature men focus more inately on that nature; the end result is noticed after the difference of society and anything government adds to that mix.

Standards and the such.

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