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I bought FFIV for the GBA before I knew that they were going to remake it for the DS, and I got the DS version as a gift. SO...do I play the GBA version, the DS version, both versions or what? The obvious answer would be to play the remake, but Metal Gear Solid is known to be better than The Twin Snakes, so, what do you think? Thanks in advance :D

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uhhhh... Do you wanna play 2d with small sprites or 3d with occasional cutscenes. Personally i find the DS version much more interesting. And it's always nice to see the characters show some signs of life while our playing. But hey, if your a 2d fan go for the GBA version.

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Honestly the DS version is broken. I still enjoy the game but SE really screwed with the difficulty of the boss fights.

Do people really say MGS's better than TTS?

I generally welcome a challenge but if it helps to know, the DS version is far more attuned to the old school RPG challenge (read: more difficult) than the GBA version.

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i prefer the DS version..
Translation is also better

mrkk said:
Do people really say MGS's better than TTS?


 Yes, They Do, I'm one of them.  The Original MGS is way superior to that of TTW!  I'd prefer the VA in the original.  the controls Suck in TTW (due to the GC limited buttons), and it was wayy to easy.  plus Silicon Knights(and probably Nintendo) inserted some really stupid ****.  now back on topic.  I like both Versions, but I'd prefer the DS version.

The DS version is superior. A better script has a lot to do with this.

I definitely prefer the DS version, if you're going to stick with only one. I don't really understand all the complaints about difficulty; the game didn't seem significantly harder than any of the previous versions that I've played (SNES, GBA).

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GBA is a port. DS is an actual remake with much more effort put into it.

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