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    Original Silent Hill developer disappointed at "poor" HD re-release

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2012

    So no SH4, No original SH3 VA, crappy Framerate, "inferior" graphics, Censorship, ect... I think I'll just stick to the original games (I have 1-4)...

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    Pope denounces U.S. political push to legalize gay marriage

    in Politics Discussion on 24 March 2012

    well, as a Conservative Christian, I'm against "gay Marriage", they should call it a Civil Union. one thing that does bother me is that they wear a Cross sometimes. I find it very offensive. but still......

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    Hablemos en Espaņol

    in General Discussion on 21 January 2012

    Yo hablo El Castellano, Hay varias Lenguas Españolas. ...

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    The Official Pro Wrestling Thread

    in Sports Discussion on 18 June 2010

    The Rock....great entertainer....not much of a wrestler....

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    GoW III has outsold DMC4 ! Best selling & reviewed slasher of this gen !

    in Sales Discussion on 18 June 2010

    shinsa said: GOW has never been or ever will be the king of action games. GOW is alot more mainstream then DMC so it was expected that i would sell more... I lol'd...

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    The official "not an asshole" list

    in Sony Discussion on 24 April 2010

    I'm a jackas....err.. an ASSHOLE!...

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    Super Dimensional Game Neptune Info/Screens - PS3, Summer 2010

    in Sony Discussion on 21 April 2010

    This has Atlus or NIS America all over it....

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    HELP: Problem with PS3 video output settings

    in Sony Discussion on 19 April 2010

    have you tried using Component Cables instead of HDMI?...

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    Ubisoft offer support for Splinter Cell Conviction on PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 19 April 2010

    come on, it's going to be released on PS3 eventually. none of the Splinter Cell games have been truly exclusive to the xbox platforms....

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    Conviction Should Stay on Xbox

    in Sony Discussion on 19 April 2010

    XGamer0611 said: Wagram said:I want Syphon Filter. ^ That!!! Gabe Logan baby. I still don't know why this series is still dormant. ^This bring the series to PS3, Sony!!!...

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    What do you want to see in the Disgaea 4?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 April 2010

    HD sprites, and Moar prism rangers....

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    Wipeout HD $9.99 on PSN (US)

    in Sony Discussion on 17 April 2010

    what is the overall file size for the game?...

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    The Official PS3 Squad! The DarkSide is your friend!

    in Sony Discussion on 16 April 2010

    GODDAMN IT, ADD ME TO THE LIST. I'm a proud owner of a 60GB PS3....

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    Splinter Cell: Conviction 5 Hours LONG!!! NO Thanks!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 April 2010

    Solid_Raiden said: matt247 said:Isn't Metal Gear the same length minus the cut scenes? It's probably an action filled 5 hrs, not filled with boring filler parts to add extra hrs. No. Although you can fly through the gameplay on a multiple playthrough in that length of time or less. First playthrough your talking double that at the minimum. Taking out the cut scenes...

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    Persona 5 Platform speculation.

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 April 2010

    either PS3 or PSP....or PS2. I think all Persona games came out on PlayStation systems....

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    Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love Review IGN

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 March 2010

    I'm sold!!!...

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    Resident Evil 4 : HD to hit the PS3 (Move title)???

    in Sony Discussion on 31 March 2010

    I'd buy it if it were true....

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    What is the Best PS3 Exclusive

    in Sony Discussion on 27 March 2010

    obviously mgs4...

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    What game best represents your country?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 March 2010

    for the usa today? San Andreas (no I'm not kidding), FIFA 10 and littlebigplanet for England...

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    What is your favorite Metal Gear Solid Game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 March 2010

    MGS3 (Subsistence). Best Graphical game on the PS2 (too bad there was no widescreen), best story, best soundtrack, best character (Naked Snake/Big Boss), this game is the PS2's best...

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