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FFXIII & Tekken 6 are coming to 360 why then MGS4 are not coming ? also both FFXIII & Tekken 6 going to 360 start as rumor.

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MGS4 has sold pretty damn well on the PS3 with 3.3 million in just four months, especially when we consider MGS3 sold only 4 million lifetime (if vgchartz is right). If Konami does this, it will be an investment and will depend on both the exclusive agreement and the technology barrier.

From a technical POV, it doesn't seem like it will be very easy to make the port. If we assume there are some redundant data on the BD disc and the DVD discs, they will still need to a minimum of 4 DVD-DL (even Lost Odyssey was still 3). They also can't make use of the install because even with the NXE storage offer, some people just have a 512 memory card. In any case, it will be interesting to see a white paper on this.

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PandaexpressPanda said:

man I dont know how many times I've seen this argument come up and had to weigh in on this war, but here it goes, There is NO WAY MGS4 will go to 360, 1st off the Technical aspect, 360 does not use blu ray and it would take more than 1 disc which has anyone seen this on this current gen??? 2nd. Theres  So many Playstation refrences throught the game that they would either have to edit it out or look dumb. anything else I left out feel free to add


1. Technical aspect what? Blue-ray is not the scapegoat to all your life problems. Blue-ray is a crap media format that spins at 2x with no adjustable spin speed. That why you have to load almost every single game to your HD. Yea thanks Sony now I only have to use one disk but I have to load 1/3 of it onto my HD just so I can play it without 1hr load times YAY! Thank god they are adding more PS3 with bigger HD's every couple of months or you would have to start uninstalling some games. O wait you just have to buy a new PS3!

1.5. Have you ever heard of a game called Lost Oddesy? STFU

2. Have you played the game MGS Twin snakes? That game has TONS of Nintendo references all over. What system did it come out for originally? PS1

Look if you’re going to make a horrible post with lame excuses that would take 5mins to fix not 5 years. At least have the common courtesy to post below it, "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT I JUST WANT TO SOUND SMART!"


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I am quite sure this rumour is once again false... but then I suddenly remembered Ryan Payton joining the Microsoft Game Studios team recently... coincidence?

I just want to see the online version come over to Xbox Live

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it could happen, with the 60gb and 120gb HDD, it would be possible to copy the whole game or changing disc for each new act would work too.

as for the references, they would just get rid of them.


My view ^

@ NNN2004 -> lol,you have removed the PS fan sign after Sony TGS 2008 ? And after Resident Evil,Silent Hill,Burnout,DMC,FF13 and Tekken went 360 too?

The truth is that big companies care about profit (3`rd parties too) and they saw the 360 as a cash machine and they cashed in. I don`t see any problem with that. I see a problem when people jump blindesly in defence of a big corporation that doesn`t care for them or know that they exist.

Ontopic,even if MGS4 will be on 360,people will buy it,Konami will make a profit and the DEVELOPERS will continue to make another fantastic game like MGS4. Got a problem with that? I don`t.

I really dont understand what's so bad with good game going multiplat (espiecially 3rd party) people should be happy.

And if Konami says they looking into it, it definately can be done on the 360 just like Tekken or FF.

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