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ferret1603 said:
Hasn't there just been a price cut in America?


 Not what one would call a real price cut more like a fire sale to clear channel to make room for the new SKU.

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This would be great for Microsoft if true!

Side note: I strongly believe that they wanted to be at these prices last year, but the $1 billion RRoD fiasco held them back. They wrote it off, but it would still be a major hit. Who's with me?

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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dallas said:
Mrstickball- I just looked at MS's latest earnings statement.....the games division lost some 144million dollars if I remember correctly


 Entertainment division may have had losses but that does not equal xbox hardware itself being unprofitable, which was mrstickball's point.

      I could have sworn there was supposed to be a $100 price cut on all models last year. That did not happen.

      There was supposed to be another price cut with GTA4 launch. That did not happen.

      I will wait for official word before I believe it.

      The prices do see reasonable. (except maybe the Arcade) Expect a PS3 price drop before Christmas as well.

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      The lower the price gets on that damn console, the harder it is to hold onto my Microsoft boycott... I mean, $200 for the arcade?  I'm only interested in the JRPG's, so that's all I'd need (I believe).  Damn!

      Also, I doubt that mole was telling the truth anyway, he's known to be a pathological liar.

      Maybe because the 360/PS3 are appealing to exactly the same crowd? Sure, there are some differences, and some gamers who buy both, but people who don't buy a Wii will mostly buy either a 360 or a PS3, not both.

      Wow I never thought I would fully agree with you NJ5.

      If this is true the question if the PS3 will see a pricecut before christmas also has been sealed.

      Is this a sign of MS going to change something inside Xbox360?Something that can solve RODD problem?Or build in Blu-ray?

      This will have a minimal effect if any in Europe.

      how much is an x360 right now anyway?