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there is no reason for ps3 now .

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Happy with this, I probably would've ended up buying a PS3 because of this game otherwise. I've always enjoyed Final Fantasy games.

Being on the XBOX 360 will save me a fair bit of money [Although I'll probably end up getting a PS3 eventually, but I don't have to worry about it just yet] .

Even the pristine has to concede. M$ won this one! GT5 better be good, its the LMS a.k.a. Last Man Standing!

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Holy shit.. was probably the last announcement I expected, never would have imagined it.

I still have no intention of purchasing FFXIII... they've lost the magic of their stories in the Final Fantasy series. It's kinda like watching a Michael Bay movie - all flash and production value and no soul.

I know I'm in the minority on this, though, and this is a pretty big deal for a lot of casual rpg fans who love FF more than anything

      I don't really see how 360 getting FFXIII would give microsoft a huge win. In all honesty it doesn't really surprise me that this decision was made and I think that any fan of the FF series would be happy with this decision because the more games that this series sells means that the there will definately be a continuation of the series. It is big in some senses but I think microsoft fan boys are taking it a little too serious. Losing FFXIII wont keep sony out of last place considering games like RFOM:2, Killzone:2 and GOW:3 are Sony exclusives and will help push systems.

      As someone who is a neutral owner of all of the big 3 systems we need to wait and see what Nintendo and Sony have to offer over the next few days before we can say 360 steals the show.

      I personally think Nintendo has something up there sleeve but until tomorrow Microsoft has an edge on E3.

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      ultraslick said:
      You are all reacting as if FF is no longer coming to the PS3. Get a hold of yourselves.
      Left for dead is coming to the PS3, and PS3 has 1st party devs that the PC known as the 360 does not.

      it is hilarious to me that people would want to sell their PS3 because the 360 is ALSO getting FF.

      Although it is a megaton for super-nerds such as us.

      I think Left 4 Dead looks awesome.

      But I cannot believe that you just implied an exclusive was traded for an exclusive like its all even and hunky-dory now.

      The Xbox 360 DOES have the strongest library and just as good (if not a better) line-up, ESPECIALLY in JRPG's.  People have been saying for months that if you must have FFXIII buy a PS3, but if you just love JRPG's in general buy a 360.  Now one console has both, and the other doesn't.


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      While this is certainly a shocking announcement, people are going way overboard here.

      This game going multi-platform does spell doom for the PS3, nor does it mean that the 360 has "won" anything.

      The PS3 doesn't need this game to be exclusive in order to keep outselling the 360. The game may end up selling slightly more copies on the 360(and even that's not certain as the PS3 version will sell more in both Japan and Europe), but as with GTAIV, any hardware boost will probably last all of a few weeks at the most.

      If GTAIV didn't really make a difference(it actually gave the PS3 a bigger hardware boost), then why would FFXIII?


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      Microsoft killed E3 unless sony or nintendo have a great suprise microsoft OWNED! Now this is the J-rpg console so happy I got a 360 now I can get this and the last remnent on the same console!!!

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      Kasz216 said:
      Soriku said:
      VGC exploded.

      Anyone think KH3 will hit the PS3 now? =P

      360 being 2nd confirmed?


      I think it actually raises the chances of that... since it shows SE is getting less afraid to make their huge games multi-plat.


      Sony will have to pay an awful lot of money to keep it off the Wii after this. If anything, this raises the exclusivity bidding price.