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just let me kindly start up my ps3

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^ man I might buy pixel junk monsters, I was intrigued by the demo and loved it but never bought it.... If anybody wants to trade it with me, I got a few games to trade

I'm probably going to buy SSHD tomorrow, i wants me some trophies :)

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I just earned my first trophy in SSHD, i feel so happy now

ugh....I still can't play my own music during skate......GAH!

that's the reason I was excited for this....crud.


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Lone_Canis_Lupus said:
blazinhead89 said:
Cant play Custom Music on Tekken DR or MGS4 :(


Are you trying to play music from a flash drive or anywhere else? It only works with music from the hard drive.

yeah tried from Hard Drive. A message comes up saying u cant play music during This game :(

I tried too. :( Apparently developers have patch it into their game for it to be supported.

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They explicitly said that developers will have to patch their games in order for you to be able to have in game music, I don't know why everyone is so upset about this.

because I didn't read that....and EA is never going to patch skate ; ;


Torillian said:
because I didn't read that....and EA is never going to patch skate ; ;

Burnout is getting patches left and right, including trophies and custom soundtracks. But then again EA only published that title.