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I found an article entitled "The 7 Commandments All Video Games Should Obey". If you look on the last page (the 7th page) there are not only 1, but 2 links, to VGChartz!




==Direct link to the page==


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Cracked is awesome, but VGchartz being mentioned on cracked to me frankly doesn't hold a candle against being mentioned by Reuters.

If I am not mistaken, the site is at least noted among a lot of videogame-sites so cracked - who has an abundance of videogame related article - was bound to come into the mix sometime.

Still, the article is awesome and I recommend anyone to read it.

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Never heard of Cracked, but still its good they are mentioning VGC.

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Dude, that article was really good. I agree with all of it. Easy to see how that got 2300 diggs...

Oh yeah, its cool they're mentioning VGChartz

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Never heard of Cracked, however I loved this:

"Here are the three competing new-gen consoles, adjusted so that their size roughly reflects how powerful their hardware is in relation to each other.

Here are the same three consoles, adjusted so that their size reflects their worldwide sales in 2007:

I agree with some of of that article (cool that it mentions VGchartz in there), but some of it just seems like whining. They want to have infinite ammo for the coolest guns, the ability to save any where at any time in every game, don't make it challenging with things like dying, you should be able to decapitate people in a teen rated game, things like an overworld you have to explore are lame because they suck up time, don't make us do anything more than once becasue repetition is stupid ect ect.

I mean I gathered from alot of that, that his ideal game is one that comes with a debug menu built into it so you can just skip to the ending if you want, never have to fight enemies except if you feel like it, have whatever gun you want with infinite ammo, be able to teleport to any spot in a level (or in a game) at will, skip cutscenes, battles, or any part of the game that feels like he did it earlier in the game at some point (such as kill an enemy he killed before).

They hardly seem like commandments, and more like things that annoy him about playing videogames.

But there were some good points in there, such as bump mapping and pixel shaders don't count as innovation.

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2. This is the wrong section of the forums (things related to Vgchartz go in Website Discussion).

3. There's a sticky for Vgchartz citations (if it still exists).