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Updated Monday 5th May 13:17 GMT

please read the orange text at the top of the page, the three of you who are still unconfirmed will be moved to that friend code so please add it to your roster (keep the old one for now though)

The current standings table will be updated after I have lunch.

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Moo Moo Meadows 01:22:171
Mushroom Gorge 01: 55.873
Toad's Factory 02:03.985
Coconut Mall 02:13.331
DK's Snowboard Cross 02:07.691
Wario's Gold Mine 02:06:694
Daisy Circuit 01:41.008
Koopa Cape 02:38.985
Dry Dry Ruins 02:06.100

some new ones aswell as updating some of my older time trials

Updated once more.

Knight_Ward has jumped up the ranks into third and StarcraftManiac is presumanly back from his holiday as he has jumped up to sixth.

Seems like there is a little 'lag' between time-trial times to be uploaded to other Wii's... Because i'm sure i crushed some top times here just yesterday!... Ah, well just have to wait and see! And yes, i'm back from holiday! Went to Austria! @ RolStoppable: Really awesome country you live in! For sure!... I did Canyoning, Cayacking, Hiking, Bicycling on a mountainbike etc... Was awesome!... Canyoning was on the river 'Inn' that runs through Innsbruck. Only i did it like 40 miles before it came through that city! Was a pretty rough river, we tumbled over twice! Ghehe... ^^.


Well, back to time-trials, right?!... ...


I got 2:42.5 on rainbow road, how do I show it to you guys...

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hmm... I'll go to my aunts house to show you some other time because we don't have wi-fi anymore.

Brianna: "-Take a photo of the time (blu tac your VGC name and MK name onto the screen too)" that's probably the best way you could provide your time I guess.

Luigi Circuit: 01:13.053
Mushroom Gorge: 01:55.350
Toad's Factory: 02:03.738
Mario Circuit: 01:27.691
Coconut Mall: 02:08.453

Holy Shmokes! I'm last!!! Soon to have zilch points...

Something must be done ^^ 


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Wooehooew! I beat some top-times!... I'm definitely gonna climb up on the leaderbords as soon as the new update arrives! ...


I am attempting to update but the site is running slow (4000 users!) and it won't load when I click on edit post.