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Jeuxvidéo.com France : 18/20

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Tip: Perhaps obvious to some but it wasn't to me. I finally found the settings menu (it's one of the options when you pause a dream) and there you can turn off motion control (means you control the imp with the left stick like a cursor, I find acceleration 10 and movement speed 6 a good setting). I also disabled screen shake, motion blur and menu effects and set it to prioritize frame rate instead of resolution. It's a lot better already.

And what got me really into the 'game', a simple (in visuals) 2D puzzle game which I ended up playing for hours. Graphics don't make game play, people do. First creator hearted or followed as it's called nowadays. Dream surfing is the fun part!

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Like others have mentioned, lack of marketing will hurt this game unless something changes.

Also this genre isnt that popular in my opinion unless you slap a popular brand behind it like Mario to gain attention.

Project Spark released early this gen, with all the same promises of Dreams and the game died almost instantly after its first few months. Gamers move on fast and when the players start to leave the game starts to die.

Also doesn't help that creative games are everywhere now. Lets see how it progresses.

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IGN Spain : 8.7/10
PushSquare : 10/10
EveryEye : 9/10
God Is A Geek : 10/10
Jack Of All Controllers : 9.5/10
Carole Quintaine : 8.5/10
Attack Of The Fanboy : 10/10
Game Informer : 9.5/10
Official PlayStation Magazine : 10/10
Gamerheadquarters : 9/10
IGN Italia : 9/10
Hobby Consolas : 8.8/10
IGN US : 9/10
GamePro Germany : 9.3/10
The Review Geek : 9/10
PS Nation : 10/10
SpazioGames : 8.5/10
Playstation Universe : 10/10
Games.CH : 9.2/10
Vandal : 8.7/10
Jeuxvidéo.com : 9/10
Destructoid : 9.5/10
Gameblog : 9/10
App Trigger : 9/10
The Games Machine : 9/10
Meristation : 8.7/10
Kanobu.ru : 9/10
Digital Chumps : 9/10
Game Reactor : 10/10

ANother goty contender . This year will be full of Goty

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HollyGamer said:
ANother goty contender . This year will be full of Goty

There aren't many categories Dreams can win, tbh. 


Another perfect score from Well Played:


Whats crazy to me is how well its doing on metacritic user scores.
Hardly anyone gave it a "0" (which usually happends, when a game scores a 10, theres users from other fanbases that review bomb it)

surprised it 'only' got 91 really, was expecting littlebigplanet scores. it's only slightly higher than Mario Maker 2, but seems light years ahead of that game from what ive seen

if those Horizon on PC rumours are true, i would be surprised if Dreams didn't go to PC in the near future. likely alongside a PS5 version

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