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There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbating, regardless of your relationship status. As others have said, it is totally normal and healthy.

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teamsilent13 said:

Yes, but you are aware of the problem and should be able to fix it. Unless you have weak moral courage and ability to self control. Think of Christopher in the Sopranos and getting high causing their car to crash. Tony Soprano knew he was a junkie that would kill his daughter if she were in the car so he decided to kill him to protect the danger he was to his family. This is what you are doing to your future family and relationship by instilling the belief that cheating is okay. Also, yes I am able to control myself so no hypocrisy here. I have watched porn, ect. but never in relationships and it never hurt my ability to have sex or anything. Any who hint this are very immoral people to peddle such lies. I agree with the guy saying to masturbate to pictures of her, but it's better not to masturbate at all. Masturbation is natural they will have you think, but there's plenty of evidence that it did not happen at nearly the same frequency in the past as in today because of increased porn. I believe it's obvious that many sexual mental illnesses today are caused by increased porn use. I could discuss what this did to the Middle East when Israel started weaponizing it against them, but there's articles on the internet if you care to read. This is why I have always supported any politician or policy that would limit or ban porn. 

I assume this is just an elaborate really bad attempt at a joke right? Right...

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Page 3 and already masturbation is a weapon used by Israel to weaken the Middle East.

GG Internet.

how can I put this.... if you're going to not play with yourself in the hopes she wants some dick , from the sounds of things you are going super slowly with this person so it'll be 1+ week before anything could happen, if that was me... by a week time, I couldn't was passed a mailbox without thinking of fucking it.

I've no control over my sex drive though, but also have a cool partner who has no issues with me doing whatever.

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VAMatt said:
There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbating, regardless of your relationship status. As others have said, it is totally normal and healthy.

... in private. 

In public, it's considered a little more kinky, depending on the culture of the audience, but that's up to the lord and the cops to decide.

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God is watching you masturbate.

That perv.

You are feeling conflicted, so that should tell you what you want to know.
Focus on the real woman next to you, give your attention to her, and if you cross with hot stuff into the internet, just close it.
Go be happy with your partner, don't give yourself reasons to feel guilty, you don't need that.

Tits or gtfo

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If your partner doesn't satisfy your sex drive you're free to do it your self. Honestly, not satisfying your own sex drive one way or the other is torture.

Yep, it's a sin. Only solution is to break up with your girlfriend, that way you can go back to watching porn with complete peace of mind.